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combining safari and a US holiday

You guide to combining safari and a US holiday

If you are like most people with an interest in nature, you must have at one point or the other dreamt about going on a safari trip.  The feeling of trekking through a South African bush for instance to seek out exotic animals is one that can’t be rivalled. Of course you could go to any zoo but that doesn’t count as space is premium. On the other hand many people would also love to spend quality time in the US on holiday. Does this describe you? We are going to take a look at some of the best places to go on a safari that comes really close to an African experience. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

While preparing for your US trip however, you need to remember that you will be turned back at the airport if you don’t have a valid esta visa.  The esta is authorisation that shows you have been cleared by US security for entry into the states.

US Holiday

National Bison Range

This is an 18,000 acre refuge for the imposing American bison.  The species one dominated the plains of the U.S. In this range, you will be able to see this 1-ton beast up close. Doesn’t matter when you choose to visit, you can be sure to see at least 300 and 500 bison here at any given time of the year. Other species such as the elk and deer can be found here.  The range is relatively small so you won’t have to walk for long to encounter wildlife here. The range is managed by the government. Close to the range is the Flathead National Forest that also opens up fresh wildlife frontiers when you are done with this range.

Katmai National Park

The Katmai National Park has a remote feel as well as plenty of wildlife. One of the most notable animals in this 3-million-acre space is the large population of bears.  The park also has a volcano that sits at its centre. The park is named after the volcano. Here, there is a host of easily accessible eco-tourism activities. These include trekking and kayak trips, interpretative hikes, fly fishing and backcountry skiing. The bears here number at least 2,000 and they have made this place home because of the rivers that are overflowing with salmon. This abundance of fresh food in the rivers is one of the reasons why the bears here are unaggressive to humans. Head to the bear viewing platforms in the park to get some amazing snaps of these wonderful creatures.

Yellowstone National Park

Even though this park is crowded on most days, it is still a great place to go. Fortunately, most people simply stick to the main tracks, only seeing the popular attractions. This means a majority of the land is left without much traffic. Moving away from the popular trails will lead you to encounters with birds, foxes, bears, bison etc.

Spending a day or two around these places is a great way to get your safari fix while out in the US.

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