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Yoga and Weight Loss Programs - Positive Influences

While walking around, you have most probably come across a number of yoga studios. These are all varied with Bikram for instance having hot rooms while Vinyasa is all about the flow of movements. In case you are looking to get a lean body and lose body fat, yoga canbe a very useful addition to your program. There are also several benefits that you get to enjoy when using yoga as part of your weight loss activities. If you are new to Yoga, you can always start by looking for Yoga Retreats and take a few days to reconnect with your body, mind and soul in the best ambient possible.

Burning Off Fat the Healthy Way


For starters, yoga classes are usually one hour to one hour and a half long. According to research by the American Council on Exercise, the average person usually burns about 3 to 6 calories per minute when practicing yoga. To take us back to the main agenda, you have to create a calorie deficiency in order to lose fat. This means burning off more calories than you are consuming. With yoga, this will equate to about 180 to 360 calories burned off in one yoga class.

Mindful Eating

There is usually a very strong linkage between regular practice of yoga and mindful eating. This means that whenever you practice yoga, you will be in a better state of mind even when eating. This way, you are more alert and aware of your calorie intake. Subsequently, you will find yourself eating healthier and losing even more pounds as a result of yoga.

Yoga also has a myriad of other positive benefits that help in weight loss such as helping with stress management and increasing your body awareness. This way, you get to live and eat while more aware of your eating habits and consciously change them as a result.



Placing yoga into your routine has a lot of benefits in terms of weight loss. Good nutrition is also essential in order to help you achieve your goals. When you are paying more attention to your diet, you will be in a better position to achieve the results you want. With reduced stress as a result of regular yoga practice, you will begin to realize better sleep quality, improved maintenance of weight loss results over time, better eating habits and even more weight loss.

Bottom Line – Yoga and Living Healthy Go Hand In Hand

As you can see, yoga has got a lot of positive health benefits which can work wonders when it comes to weight loss. With a healthy dose of regular yoga practice injected into your routine, your weight loss plan will be supercharged and you will be able to not only achieve better and more consistent results over time, but also manage stress better keep you healthier and happier.

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