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What You Should Know Before Changing Your College Major

Deciding to switch majors before you graduate is a big decision for most college students, especially if they're nearing their graduation date. Sometimes, it takes years to realize that a major isn't for you. Others may realize this much sooner, like during their first semester. But whenever you figured it out, it's a good idea to pour over your options before setting anything in stone. This is a big choice to make and should be done with careful planning and a bit of research.

If you're seriously thinking about changing your college major, then here are some factors to ponder beforehand.

What's the Reason for Your Switch?

Hopefully, you can answer this question honestly. If the answer isn't point blank, then you have some soul searching to do. It's common for students to have mixed emotions about a major they thought they'd love, but didn't. The expectations weren't met and now they're looking for something better. Make sure that the reason behind your idea to switch majors is solid and something you can firmly stand behind.

Switching Majors Isn't a Waste

One thing students fear is that all of the time they spent in their major was wasted if they decide to switch paths. What it will do is present yourself as a well-rounded individual when you go to apply for work. For instance, if you decided to become an accountant after majoring in journalism, you can appeal to companies that are looking for finance professionals who can write columns for their newsletter or magazine.

Know the Costs of Your Major Switch

Nothing in this world is free, especially not education. This is one of the biggest investments you'll make in your life, besides a house and car. With that said, you want to calculate how switching majors will affect your finances. How much more will you have to dish out to cover the extra credits you have to complete? You need to know this in advance, so that you're prepared and able to make an informed decision.

Consider a Double Major or Minor

Switching majors isn't always the best answer - see if your area of interest is available as a double major or a minor. This way, you can broaden the path you're already on rather than changing it. You should talk to your adviser to see if this is something that's possible.

Consult with an Adviser

This isn't a decision you have to make all by yourself. Aside from your parents, the best person to talk to about this is your adviser. You can talk to the adviser that's been helping you throughout your college career, or you can resort to a general studies adviser or neutral adviser. The latter will be able to help you explore various disciplines you can major in (if you're unsure of which to pursue). If you're thinking about transferring to UC's respiratory therapist degree program, you can speak to the adviser at the school about your available options.

It's important to tackle this problem as soon as possible before graduation nears. You don't want to end up stuck in a career path you no long want to pursue.

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