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Use these 10 romantic gift ideas to express your love to him

My friends never understood why I hated my boyfriend’s birthday so much till they actually also thought of the issue of getting the right romantic gift.

Well, that was then, all thanks to the research carried out online, among friends, and personal experiments. I can now boastfully tell you that there is no occasion that scares me. To the extent that I just randomly surprise him at times with one of the romantic gift ideas I found.

Here are the top 10 romantic gift ideas that I have used and he was always amazed and happy with each one of them.

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  1. Treasure hunt

This used to be a game for children, which means we might all have taken part in it at a point in time. Well, here is the time to bring back this idea, but this time we will be applying it to something more interesting.

This can be easily tailored to fit your goals, wait till I explain how. As we all know the rules of the game, which is to solve a puzzle that will lead to the next and so on till the last one - the treasure.

You can use these puzzles to your advantage by adding questions about the part of your relationship that you wish to celebrate, straighten out, or remind him about. Just make sure it is done in a sweet way.

  1. A day of “things he loves doing”

In every relationship there are always some activities that we beg our partners for. This might be either because they don’t enjoy it as much as we do, or for some other reasons.

You can select a day to treat him to a few of these activities. It could be by cooking his favorite meal, giving him that massage he had always been asking for, or even some naughty sexual activities that you know he likes.

One thing to look out for is that, whatever activity it is you decide to schedule on this day, make sure you devise a way to make it fun for the both of you. There is no point doing it if it will not be enjoyed by both of you.

  1. Photo collage of special moments

Were you able to catch any of those special moments on camera? Go through your archive and search for pictures from your first dates, first kiss, graduation, marriage, honeymoon, birth of children and any other pictures that he holds close to his heart.

Combine them all to make a collage that will be put in a frame. Remember to add romantic captions or engraved saying to the frame as well.

  1. Mint gel

This is one gift that is in the +18 category – if you know what I mean. It is best for partners that enjoy giving or receiving oral pleasure.

This gel makes it more interesting and comfortable for both. It gives a minty feel and tastes good at the same time. It comes in various flavors, which makes it possible for you to make a pick that will fit both you and your man.

Surprise him with this gel and he will be so glad to have you as his lady.

  1. Engraved ring

A lot of you will agree with me that giving a ring sometimes appear as a move too fast or pushy. However, this depends on the state of your relationship and how you go about the presentation.

Let’s consider a couple of categories here. For the young chaps that are not married yet, you don’t necessarily have to go for an expensive diamond ring; all you need is a simple but cute ring for him.

Take this ring and add your romantic personalize touch to it. Think of what will be best to engrave on it, it could be his name, nickname, initials, and so on.

And for the married couples, you can still get him a ring to complement his wedding ring. There are a lot of cute ones out there, just take your time to select one and figure out what to engrave on it. has more examples of these gifts.

  1. Silky boxers

I really don’t know how to explain this one, but there is this thing that melts my heart whenever I see him in the silky boxer I got him.

Maybe it is the way he stands out in it or the interesting details that the boxers reveal. I just love seeing him put them on, though it might not be most comforting wearing it to work, but for sure it is my best when he is at home.

  1. Sexy dance classes

Ladies, have you thought of this before? This is a gift that will benefit the both of you in various ways.

Enroll for classes to learn a sexy dance. It could be strip dance, belly dance, or any other; the lessons alone will serve as exercise for you.

Afterwards, you will be able to give your man a great lap or strip dance at home. What would be more pleasurable than having your lady dance sexy for you?

On the other hand, you are gaining more than the dance lessons, as you will end up losing some body fat and staying more in shape.

  1. Sexual position book

It is normal that guys do not like to get advices or recommendations when it comes to such topic. This could be because of the male ego or he just sees it as a way of you telling him that he does not do it well.

However, getting a few additional hints and tips from professional practitioners is always a plus. Not that he does not know most of these things already, but how sure are you that he knows the medical significance.

This will even help him understand you more when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

  1. Boudoir photos

Do you know that you don’t need to get naked to make his eyes open wide at your picture? Make some boudoir pictures of yourself and present it to him.

There are professional photographers out there that will do a great job with this. It all depends on you, but remember, don’t do it if he is not into things like these or if you are not comfortable with it.

Keep it in mind that the idea is to be decently tempting and not slutty.

  1. Game night

Before you jump into conclusions, this is not the regular game night that you used to have with friends and family members. This will be strictly for the both of you with games such as strip poker, naked twister or scrabble, spin the bottle and lots more.

The deal is that these games will entail some behind the door fun. For instance the winner or loser of each round will have to take off a piece of clothing.

You can as well place bets that will entail the loser agreeing to whatever sexual requests the winner asks for that night. There are tons of ways to add spice to this game, just unleash your romantic ideas and make it an amazing evening.

Now that you have your list of romantic gift ideas for spicing up your relationship, will you be so kind to tell me which of them you found more interesting and applicable to your man.

The comment box is open for romantic gifts suggestions that you would have liked to see in this article.

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