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Treat Yourself to Luxury at Some of the Finest Restaurants in Las Vegas USA

Going to Las Vegas? This is your guide to some of the most luxurious restaurants you can find there! You are guaranteed amazing food in any of these restaurants.  

Guy Savoy

This restaurant is known for its modern and jazzy feel, and the French cuisine prepared by Chef Guy Savoy fits the theme. The dishes served here all sound and appear basic, but the flavours are anything but. It is set in Caesars Palace and is the friendliest among the French restaurants in Vegas. You are guaranteed happiness and satisfaction here.


This is a Wolf Puck contemporary steak house that guarantees exquisite meals filled with flavour that can’t be found elsewhere.  The beef here is the main attraction, but the salads, sides, seafood and, well, everything, is all wonderful too.  The danger with this restaurant is that you will forget it is a luxury restaurant, expecting the same level of service from every restaurant you walk into.

Estiatorio Milos

This restaurant is at the highest end of the seafood spectrum in the US. This restaurant was first founded in Montreal but it has since branched out to New York, Miami and Las Vegas. The spacious and gracious feel of the Milos in Vegas makes every meal a pleasure.  The warm ambience is lovely but the main reason why people throng to this place is the amazing seafood. However, the amazing seafood here comes at a hefty price.


Although this restaurant is safely nestled away into the side street, it still sees a large number of visitors on a daily basis as people throng to the private rooms, the tables and the counter. The main meal here is sushi, but the Japanese Izakaya and the grills are also very popular.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Mitsuo Endo; Tokyo born. He is a perfectionist, and this is clearly visible in the final output of his meals.  If you are a night-crawler, you will enjoy this restaurant, as it is one of the few luxury restaurants that are open till 3 am each day.  Some of the guests intentionally visit in the wee hours to enjoy the cooking from other chefs that are found in the after-hours hangout.


Picasso is a French-Spanish restaurant that offers a multi-sensory treat.  On entry, you will be greeted by the open views of the Bellagio Fountain, as well as original Picasso Paintings that hang on the walls. Away from the paintings, however, delicious but sometimes strange French-Spanish food awaits you. The Picasso is the first kitchen run by Julian Serrano in Vegas. It has become very popular these days with people seeking Luxury meals.

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