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Traveling to relate more to the world, more to one own self

Most online travel portals would keep giving advertisements of what places you have missed traveling in the world, and then there are friends who would upload stream of photos in social media websites just to make you feel worthless, but traveling to any place takes planning, money and depending on whom are going with can be little nerve wracking experience. However, traveling is not all this only, and therefore, if anyone decides to leave the comfort zones of home and travel, it is advisable to do so after careful thinking and planning. Nonetheless, it is still the best decision to take, and if there are any reasons that allows you to travel to a new place and have some fun and relaxation, then it makes complete sense and nothing gets better than this.

As per Louis Habash an avid traveler and blogger the following are some of the reasons that anybody should travel despite the money and time that it costs. Whether you require it or want it, the prospect of traveling somewhere unknown, adventurous and romantic is bound to make anyone a child again. Just the thought of traveling to such places and rediscovering them, finding out more about the people and the locale would get you excited and get you going to unearth as much as you can. Whatever be the place, and whatever be the confusion regarding dialects, food or even accommodation, even if it may seem like a task, after some time it does become exciting and a challenge.

Louis Habash thinks that even if simple tasks such as grocery shopping seem daunting, the excitement alone would keep the traveler going to places, only to discover that whatever be the city or its culture, people are always warm in nature and welcome tourists in their own way. Finding your way around an unknown city can be tasking, but only when you get lost do you get to discover new places. All these excitement makes even an adult tap into their adolescence and enjoy the vacation. Furthermore, anyone who loves to travel would agree that time slows down drastically. Most often, you will find yourself complaining that the journey to the destination takes more time as compared to the trip back from the place. So, what exactly does happen?

Louis Habash thinks that when the mind is accustomed to one place, our minds are attracted towards the new place, like an insect to the light. Every little nuance of the journey attracts the mind and you tend to wait eagerly for it, and therefore, people absorb everything with all the attention, which in turn makes one feel traveling for more time than the actual time. Savoring every minute, you feel like appreciating the city and negotiating with the differences discovered during the journey. Therefore, with time being valuable, it is only during traveling that you know that you have the power to extend it, and that’s what our minds do greedily.

Lastly, Louis Habash says that it is only when we travel that people get to discover some unknown traits in their personalities. Most often, the patience level can be tested and people are also seen to embark on things that were previously regarding as a tough act. Traveling is often  like embarking on a journey of a self discovery that  allows us to grow and yet being young at mind, it lets us to be mature and immature at the same time. It’s the only way people get to make the best of time, the only way of rediscover the lost “soul.” All this makes traveling an essential part of our lives and this is why people should take break from the routine life and travel more.

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