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Traditional Lights & Welcome Solar Street Lights

Light is a the most important energy in our life. It’s obvious nobody appreciates darkness. The whole earth is dependent upon the main energy i.e. light through which all the important tasks are completed. These days’ prices of lights have soared up very high, all thanks to the creative and artistic workers who have developed not only different kinds of lights but also beautiful lights which have attracted many buyers. Diwali is surely a time for huge sale for these people. Anyways, now let’s get back to the solar light. Let me just brief on solar lights especially those who are naïve readers.

“A solar light is a composed of light emitting diode (LED) with rechargeable battery and a solar panel which is specially designed photovoltaic. “The main motto towards the introduction of these solar lights is to increase the green nature, environment, green light and reduce prevailing/traditional power system which consumes more energy.

Our main source of power is sun which is dependable and in extensive. Off late many issues regarding change in all over environment ranging from climate to air to resource have raised concerns over scarcity issues which we are currently facing. But let’s not get discouraged. Photovoltaic (PV) is a blessing in disguise as it has become the best energy supply tonic. With the help of which solar powered lights have become the perfect lightening in all areas from remote to urban locations. It’s more useful in remote areas as these areas always had problems of unavailability of lights. Solar lights are promising and present and future light needs are fulfilled.

Solar Light Prices

The prices of solar street lightsrange from somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000. It has 12W +40AH+40 Watts PV solar panel and is 17.5 feet long. Maximum one includes a 20W+75AH battery+75Watts PV solar panel and is of the same length 17.5 feet long. System warranty is of 1 year and battery is of 3 years. Extra charges shall be included for pre-transportation. You can find more here on other varieties of solar street lights include the following –

  • Solurja Petrel solar street light 500 lumens for 13,750/-
  • LED solar street light with inbuilt battery for 4,900/-
  • 18 Watt LED solar street light for 7,400/-
  • Set of three 7.5watt LED solar street light with inbuilt battery for 14,350/-
  • 18 Watt LED street light luminary for 2,850/-
  • Solar street light with dusk to dawn charge controller for 9000/-
  • 75Watt solar panel for 7000/-
  • Belifal solar powered street light for 21,000/-
  • LED in ground lights for 6000/-
  • LED solar garden street lights for 9000/-

These are few of the price lists of the solar street lights. For some lights the delivery is free of cost. Apart from transportation charges, installation charges is also included. Some low range solar lights are 37WP solar module for 3145, Edison made LED 1 watt for 540/-, Aluminum cast LED for 600/-


Solar street lights prices as compared to the traditional light prices are less and also more effective. Solar street lights are long lasting and very energy efficient. Its demand has increased and all over markets are flooded with solar street lights and other LED lights.


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