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Top 50 women looked up on the internet

The internet is the top resource for all information, and it is no wonder that many people use search engines to locate information about their favorite celebrities. There are several reasons for why certain people are more interesting than others and women who are in the news are always a top hit for search engines. Some could do it to know the latest trends in the world of fashion, some have the inquisitiveness to know everything about their favorite celebrities & stars and some simply want to keep them updated with everything that is happening around them – whatever is the reason, the search for top 50 women on internet is one of the most popular searches done on the World Wide Web. So, what are the major aspects that lead to such searches on the internet? Is it because they are famous or is it because they are trendy, look beautiful and are ultra fashionable? One can easily vouch on their styles of fashion and dress sense to play it safe when perplexed about stylizing one’s self.

The criteria for selecting the top 50 women

There are thousands of women in the news today. Many of them work in different fields, or are famous for diverse reasons. The only unifying factor for all these women are that they are all looked up frequently by the common internet users. The cause of this interest may be dependent on a number of factors, including how famous they are, how famous they have been in the past, their recent presence in the news, their dress sense, their style secrets, their fashion styles on different occasions or even out of mere curiosity. The top 50 women on internet would be the people who were most searched for by fans and users around the world. These women come from different walks of life, have made their name and fame in various ways, and are looked up by users for different purposes. Here are the top 5 in the list –

Rihanna – she ranks number one on the list. Incredibly sexy, she has the ability to twerk upside down.

Lana Del Ray – She ranks number two and is touted to be the dream girl of every hipster

M.I.A – if you are wondering what this is, then, it is nothing but an artist who is of Srilankan & British origin. She is gorgeous and the music is righteous.

Lady Gaga – who does not know this name? She is popular, smart and of course, a music icon for many. Watched the latest MTV video Music Awards? You surely couldn’t have missed lady Gaga rocking the show with a cardboard box on her head.

Cher – Now, this lady has entered into the amazing race of top 50 women on internet due to her beauty. Could be her amazing hair too!

While all of these women are making their way to the top in the race, they are surely catching every eye due to their features, looks, beauty, actions, art, music and more. There is no particular criterion to which one would rank them on the top – it is more of a popularity chart and depends from an individual to individual.

You like her, then, look up for her on Google and this is how the web crawlers will gather the data of all such clicks.

Who is your favorite woman on this planet, maybe your favorite actress – music icon – an amazing artist – an epitome of beauty and more. Whoever it is, if you have googled for her in the past and she has a high number of fans and followers like you, then find her on the list of top 50 women on internet.

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