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Tips to look photogenic on your wedding day

You are the bride and it’s quite obvious that you would be clicked from different angles and by different people. Obviously, the last things that you would want are photos where you do not look your best or your makeup isn’t perfect. Though it is important that you stay alert, it is also important that you hire the best makeup artists to make sure that you look your best on this very special day of yours not only in reality but also in all the pictures people click. Here are some makeup tips to look best on your wedding pictures:

Lighting matters

Most Indian weddings take place during the night. However, a few also take place during the day time and so we would discuss about both.  Sunlight is the most unforgiving light as it is natural and so it important that you keep your make neutral and light. Heavy makeup is suitable only for the night time as the heavy lighting washes of your skin color and hides your features and so applying more makeup is important.

Skin makeup

Apply light foundation if the marriage is in the morning. Apply it on places where your skin tone is uneven or is red. Heavy foundation is recommended if the marriage function is at night. It should be applied all over the face and the neck. Use a liquid foundation for better coverage.

Eye makeup

If it’s in the morning, you can think beyond black and use a brown shade instead for lining your eyes.  Mahogany is a good option that you have. In order to create a smudgy effect, make use of powder shadow close to your lashes base. This would look great in photos as compared to stripes those you get when you use a liquid liner.

Deeper shades would look good at night. Accent your eyes by applying shimmer eye shadow. Choose a color depending upon your skin tone.

Cheeks and lips

Muted and soft shades of lip color and blushes should be chosen if the event is in the morning. The color should again depend upon your complexion. Sandy pink and pastel apricot is suitable if you are fair. Go for brownish rose and similar colors otherwise.

Browns and neutral tones do not look good in case of flash photography and so it is important that you choose colors like rose and medium pink.

All these tips mentioned above are for color photography and most of wedding pictures these days are in color. Choosing the right bridal outfit is also important and it should complement your body size and skin complexion.  Also, you need to have an eye for the camera and ensure that the makeup is perfect all throughout the event. Touch up if required but that does not mean ruining your makeup. Do it only if you know you can. A good night’s sleep before the day of your wedding is also important as that would make you look fresh and energized. Be confident and look happy. Smile when you are being clicked!. Choose the best wedding photographers for your special event. You can choose from top photographers  Directory  Canvera.

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