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Things to Consider When Planning a Loved One's Funeral

Planning a funeral for someone you love is never easy, as the idea or experience of their passing is so ripe with emotion. To ensure you and others can pay your fullest respects and honor the deceased well, you'll need to keep a few issues in mind.

What the Deceased Wanted

Although you might have your personal convictions about what "should" occur during a funeral, the wishes of the deceased matter. For example, did they want to be buried in something specific or have certain music they wanted played? Do your best to follow their desires, talking with friends and family and referring to the deceased's will for an idea of what to do.


The relationship you had with the deceased will always be priceless, but the reality is that funeral services and products are not free. Check to see if the deceased set money aside to cover the cost or if you'll need to handle the bill. What you find out can have a huge effect on what you purchase, as well as the size of the service.

Service Size

Funeral homes and religious buildings in Cleveland, OH normally are under regulations that, for safety reasons, dictate how many individuals can occupy the space at a time. If you want a public service, you might want to hold the funeral at a home or church with a larger capacity, but if the service is to be private, it's fine to look for a more intimate setting. Remember that service size bleeds into other logistical and financial areas, such as how much food you have catered or memorials you print. You need not have your reception in the same location as the funeral, as well, but transportation might get more complicated or expensive. Even if you have a small service, get an accurate count of providers within the funeral, such as pallbearers, musicians, speakers and the primary officiator.

Set Up and Atmosphere

It's perfectly normal for sadness to accompany funerals, but decorations, lighting and music can do a lot to set particular moods, even highlighting areas of the deceased's life or conveying celebration and spirituality. Find items that send the message you feel is appropriate, paying attention to details like who will deliver or take away what you select. Some elements here might necessitate special consideration, such as the relatively short life of real flowers or technical requirements of a sound system.


Funerals are brief events, but there's a lot of planning that must go into them. Considering these points is a good starting point for a service that's affordable, efficient and respectful.

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