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Theanine- Helps you to get rid of anxiety and enhances focus level

Before getting into the thick of things, let’s just get a slight intro on Theanine. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to reduce stress in our body and increase the energy levels. First isolated from Green tea, Theanine use has been in practice even before its discovery by the Chinese and is a major component of Chinese medicine. Theanine is one of the reasons as to why it is advised to have green tea on a regular basis. Also, as a polyphenol, it helps to sustain normality in the body and improve growth status.

Let’s know more about ‘L-Theanine’:-

  • Commonly known as Theanine, its scientific name is Gamma-Glutamylethylamide, which is an analog of Glutamate and glutamine.
  • With an ability to bypass the Blood brain barrier and therefore, show its function on the nervous system at a neuronal range.
  • Theanine reduces anxiety and helps you focus through its regulation of the brain waves and synchronising them at a sonic level.
  • Apart from Green teas, Theanine has also been found in some form of mushrooms.
  • Also, it adds to the flavour. So, if you are drinking Green tea then you should be thanking Theanine to add to the flavour.

Functions to reduce anxiety and stress:-

  • Theanine acts on the brain creating a synchronisation of the neurons and regulating their firing rate at a speed that is again in synchronisation to each other.
  • This leads to the similar firing range at equal intervals and therefore, the waves generated by the brains are able to be controlled by Theanine.
  • Acting a precursor for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to induce sleep and provide a sense of relaxation in an individual.
  • This natural drug is responsible for the ‘umami’ taste that we obtain through it and the flavour via the drinking of green tea.
  • Also known to control the alpha waves in the brain thus, controlling the stress status in an individual and inducing calmness. This drug has made its way to become of the major dietary supplements along with certain anti-depressants.


Majorly, its action as a polyphenol adds to the role to control anxiety and control stress. This drug acts through recurrent discharge of neurons to provide a pure sense of peacefulness and relaxation. This is the sole reason that intake of green tea during early morning or evening can give you a strong sense of relaxation and calmness. Also, its ability to fight against the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) helps to reduce the oxidative stress status in a person and maintain normal growth of cells and tissues. With the control of stress, it is able to increase the input of energy and thus, the performance level of an individual. This happens as most of the cells energy is store and not used to a greater extent as the level of stress is reduced.

Therefore, Theanine reduces anxiety and helps you focus with a greater dietary supplementation through green tea intake.

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