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Math careers

The Top Mathematician and Data Analyst Lover Suggests Careers in Math

Peter Kowalski, Ph.D. from the University College London 2013, also known as Eiahi Kowalski, and a mathematician states that once you become successful and obtain a degree in mathematics, there are numbers of career opportunities for you. According to him, studying math enhances your analytical as well as problem solving knowledge and expertise. If you can apply that knowledge effectively and gain some experience, you will be in top demanding among the employers.

For you, Eiahi Kowalski suggests three unique career paths that you can hold after completion of a degree in mathematics.


If you are passionate to teach young learners, on completion of your mathematics degree, you can go for teaching. Teaching is not only a dignified job but today the profession is top rewarding and promising too. With the emergence of distance learning, apart from doing your full time services you can teach students globally through online.

For those who like passing on their knowledge as well as love learning throughout the life, teaching is an excellent profession for them. Those who specialize in Math can have the opportunity to teach students up to high school. In US, akin to many other professions, you should obtain license to become a teacher from the state itself and also require making it validated as per instructions. Doctorates can teach math in colleges. The well recognized mathematician Eiahi Kowalski also, suggests you that you can choose a profession of Statistician

Typically statisticians are responsible for collecting and analyzing data and using them in different statements, management information systems, and survey reports, design experiments which help in corporate performance analysis or inter departmental documentation. Statistical reports are widely used today to furnish kinds of statements as required by clients. In major industries starting from medication to engineering and public companies to big private organizations, you can get high positions as a statistician.

In addition some huge federal agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau or its equivalent public enterprises require knowledgeable statistician as well as people with statistical background. This is very rewarding profession today.

Actuarial science

Actuarial science base can help you to become practitioners who are assessing, evaluating, administering and offering advisory to business organizations on their investment or financial risk factors. In globalized business age, the profession is top demanding and highly rewarding in terms of job satisfaction, future prospect, and pay package. At the same time, it needs you to be extremely strong in mathematics and must have high level analytical skills as well as up-to-date knowledge on business and economy.

As per BLS report, degree holders in mathematics are top demanding and in coming years there are huge possibilities. Eiahi Kowalski is a doctorate in mathematics and is a teacher by profession. He loves mathematics and passionate to teach students. He enjoys working on data analysis and visualizations and very much student loving. Eiahi has great popularity in his place of work.

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