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The secret of healing is reiki

Reiki is the method of transferring energy to the diseased one through the palm.  The main and ultimate goal of humankind is to lead the life with utmost pleasure and full happiness. The pleasure and happiness will be available only if we do not have any problem related to our body.  However, the reality of sufferings, both physical as well as mental level of problems cannot be avoided. All these can be cured in reiki with non-invasive procedure, and with the less amount of money. In the modern world, money plays a big role in the medical industry. As they are investing a lot of money in their hospital business, they intend to take the same from the industry. It is the normal human criteria. Each one in this world wants to earn more in order to lead a rich life. Unlike the other medicinal treatment, this is the economic and well-developed form of treatment.

Reiki and its remedies

Total extinction of sorrow and the attainment of everlasting bliss has always been the cherished goal of humanity. However not all work for the same, most of us get satisfied what they have with the available happiness. This is possible only if we do not get any diseases. Most of us live our lives very carelessly and almost unconsciously, and it is no wonder that most of us will get some kind of pain to our daily life. Reiki is followed by two methods, one is the Japanese traditional reiki method and the other one is the western reiki method. The method that is followed in Japanese spread thoroughly over the south Asian countries. Only the western people initially follow the western reiki system. Later it also spread its method of treatment throughout the world. The significance of the traditional reiki is, transferring the energy to the whole body without touching any parts of the body.  They believe that there are 12 positions in the palms of the hand. Each one is dealing with a particular part of the body. If a person is suffering from severe stomach pain, then he will be treated in reiki by touching the point for the stomach pain. Automatically he will be relieved from pain.

The teaching of reiki is followed in Japan in three different methods. In first method, reiki is taught intensively. The patient has to attend all the weekly classes and meditations. In the initial stage, the patient will be scanned and the problem of the body is diagnosed. Later the next level of treatment will is provided to the patient by a skilled trainer. Each one has a different type of problem, some may have a problem with physical body, some may have problem with the mental level, some will have emotional problem and some of the people may have spiritual level of problems. Initially the patient is diagnosed as to which category the patient belongs to. Then he/ she will be treated accordingly.  They pay serious attention to the problem of sufferings and deal with it as it arises, on day-to-day life. The reiki treatment cost is affordable by everyone. The reiki practitioner’s significant role is, he give mental support to the patient and make them feel more comfortable. Some people do not see any way out of the problem of individual and collective suffering. They go to the other extreme of becoming pessimists. It will be very hard for them to lead their life without the help of reiki. Only in reiki has a power to transfer the positive energy to those who need it very particularly. With the help of reiki any kind of diseased person can live their life with full energy and without any pain.

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