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plastic surgeons

The Positives and Negatives of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is no longer a novel thing for anyone. It has in fact, taken hold of the cosmetic market so well, that almost every second person, particularly those belonging to the richer section of the society, has “gone under the knife”, i.e. undergone plastic surgery of some kind.

The process initiated for rectification of some flaw in a previous surgery, after an injury of some sort; has now become a tool for reconstructing the parts of body, which are considered imperfect by their owners. The ultimate aim of plastic surgery is to make you look better.

Our entire personality is designed by not just our outward appearance, but it is the whole package which includes the mental, social, emotional and psychological factors as well. People have become very conscious about their looks and any little negative comment could heavily effect the self esteem. So the latest trend is to stay in perfect shape so that people do not get a chance to comment negatively.

plastic surgeons

Despite being very expensive, plastic surgery is much sought after, mainly for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. Robert R Beltran Inc. is a company in Irvine California, owned by ace plastic surgeon Dr. Robert R Beltran. He is most sought after for the flawless nose jobs, i.e. reconstruction of the nose if someone abhors its original shape, or even straightening out problems that may have come up during a previous surgery. He has held a record of delivering most number of successful surgeries and quick recovery phases.

When the self esteem or confidence and money is weighed on the same balance, the self esteem seems to outweigh money for most people, and so they do not mind investing thousands of rupees for this surgery. This raising of morale is one positive thing besides the other that any defect of a prior surgery can be corrected by this.

There have been many cases attended at Robert R Beltran Inc., where the patient may be suffering from some kind of a nose hemorrhage or breathing problem due to improper surgery. The doctors and surgeon teams at this company under the able guidance of Dr. Robert R. Beltran, relieve the patient of their problematic situation. It is not always done for cosmetic purposes. At times the injuries caused by an accident are also made proper with plastic surgery. It could be a vehicle accident or even a burnt case. It is amazing to see how these absolutely capable doctors transform the ugly scars back into a beautiful body.

Enumerating the disadvantages, however, we could come up with the fact that it is not only very expensive but involves high risks as well. If the surgery is not conducted by a good surgeon, there could be fatal risks involved, which include nerves getting damaged as well. There have also been reported cases of unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries, where instead of looking better; the patient actually starts looking worse than original. This makes them go under the knife several times more, which is not only unhealthy but expensive as well.

It is hence wise to always speak in details to your surgeon before undergoing the surgery, because once the damaged is caused, it might not always be possible to get back normalcy.

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