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The eternal fight with Pain

"Pain" is one of the very undesirable sensations one suffers randomly. Unpredicted pain-triggers can interfere with day-to-day activities and deteriorate smoothness. Sadly the most common method of treatment adopted by people is artificial medicines which are acceptable if used less often, but create more health problems in a later stage when used repeatedly. There are few natural pain suppressors and supplements that carry the potential to provide instant relief, but again, they are generally addictive and their large dosage creates a problem.

But that’s not a matter of much concern because there are wonderful natural ways to extinguish pain which don’t produce any kind of side effects and are 100% safe. Some of the tips are listed below which have been effective most of the time:

Yoga:Widely known as a form of discipline, yoga is practiced fordecades. It consists of physical postures which alleviate health problems. Stretches and splits involved in the exercises burn down stress and discomfort. If performed properly and adequately, they can help to eliminate pain symptoms and keep the mind active.

Vigorous Exercise: Try to perform short burst intensity routines to set your blood pumping. It releases endorphins inside the body which is a pain-reliever. By doing intense exercises, the body tolerance to pain signals increases significantly and thereby painful sensation is often not experienced because the body tends to be in a normal condition which was previously out of the comfort zone.

Grapes and berries: Citric fruits like red grapes, blackberries and cranberries contain a special compound which slows down the degradation of spinal disk & cartilages and keep the body free from overall aches.

Fish oil: It contains essential omega III fatty acids and can help to eliminate pain symptoms in case of cardiovascular complexities, asthma and depression. Itreduces inflammations in many chronic conditions. Fish oil is prescribed during pregnancy and old ages to reduce stiffness and joint pains caused by arthritis.

Confectioneries: Sweet substances like chocolates, ice creams, cherries and cookies can be taken to reduce the perception of pain. They are some sort of natural painkillers and can be taken without hesitation because of their sweet flavor.

Meditation:It has been practiced both as a part of religious traditions and mind-body complexities. Though there are not many postures in the process, it encourages a person to cultivate mental responses to various levels of stress by controlling brain activities. As a result, the body gets acquainted with pain signals transmitted by the brain and the mind becomes unreactive lessening the symptoms. Regular practice of meditation has positive effects on chronic health conditions and provides stress relief. Its scientific reasons are yet to be studied more deeply.

 Arnica: It’s an herb which cannot be taken orally because of its toxic nature, but its usage as a gel and ointment works miraculously. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is used for acute injury and swelling related pain symptoms. The purest form of Arnica is poisonous, hence fatal. So, it is a highly diluted first for medicinal purpose. It it highly advised to seek a doctor before taking this herb. However, it is not recommended for children and women who are pregnant.

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