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Surprise Your Son With A Camping Experience Of Lifetime At Greenwoods Camp

Are you proud parents and love giving surprise to your son that he can cherish for long years? If yes, then this summer instead of buying some precious gifts like toys, why don’t you enroll your son in a camp to have a lifetime experience? If you have never send your son to a camp, then maybe he will be a little reluctant at first but believe it, he will emerge as a stronger and happier kid after the camping experience.

Greenwoods Camp located in the Michigan City is one of the camps where every year hundreds of parents make a bee line to secure a place for their kids so that their kids can have a gala time during the summers with loads of memories of the camp to cherish for long-long years.

Owned by Dayna Glasson Hardin who herself was a former camper, the camp also offers transportation facility through the chartered bus service from the Chicago area to the camp area so that your inhibitions about your kids safety become non-existent. Bus service is also provided from other suburb areas like Cleveland and Detroit so that maximum kids can enjoy the camping in a hassle-free manner. Further, if your kid has homesickness, nothing can be more appropriate than indulging him in a camping experience of life time at one of the best camps of US.

First Time Campers Are At Ease

Yes, this may sound to you unconvincing, but Greenwoods Camp counselors put a lot of efforts to ensure the same as it has a lot to do with kid’s overall experience in a camp. There are anyways many campers who are first timers each year and hence a camp brother program is conducted before the commencement of the camping and a party is also hosted for all new campers so that your child can become familiar with other campers before heading for the camp. Emphasis is given that no child feels lonely and makes new friends during their stay.

Vast range of activities to keep them engaged

If you are thinking that your child will get bored just after a few days, forget about the same as with a vast range of activities like archery, swimming, roller hockey, rowing, sailing, team sports, drama, tower climbing and many more, it just can’t happen! If your child loves photography, then he can choose to have digital photography as an activity during his stay in the camp as programs are tailor made as per the specific interest of each child. There are also long day events like carnival day, colors day which have proved very popular among campers since many years.

So, what are you waiting for as no surprise can be better than enrolling him in Greenwoods Camp this year! He will surely have loads of stories to share with you after his return from camping!

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