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Specialized Features on Best Essay Writing Service

Writing services companies help students get their essays written in time. The writers working at such companies will most often have a trustworthy academic background, with degrees such as BAs, MAs, or even PhD. Of course, only highly reputable writing services companies will offer work at the highest possible standard. Moreover, the best companies offer many additionalrelated services that you can take advantage of. So let’s check out some of these extra services thatcan be helpful to you.

Creating Power Point Presentations

There are many experts working at such companies that have very good design and graphics knowledge. They can help put together for you a strong, creative and very professional PP presentation. The graphics experts come up with the images that will be included in your presentation, while the writers will create the text that goes on each slide. Therefore, if you are a Media/Marketing or Business college student and need such a PP presentation, just look for writing companies offering this extra service.

VIP Support for Clients

Some clients are particularly picky whenit comes to their writing work. Exactly this is why many writing companies offer the VIP solution. Here, clients are allowed to contact the writer whenever theywant via online chat, or personally via the phone. Some companies will even allocate a writer that is available through Skype audio/video chat for the duration of the project. This way, you can contact the writer anytime you wish, in order to tell him/her to make required changes, or bring your ideas to the project. The writer will also help you track the progress of the work, by sending you constant notifications and messages, so that you can have the peace of mind you need that your work will be ready by the exact required deadline.

Multilingual Services

Let’s say you need to write an essay in English for one of your classes, but you are a Czech native studying in London or Sydney. It may bedifficult to you to explain what exactly you need to express with your essay, what things you want included, and so on. Many reputable writing services companies do offer such multilingualservices, and they can actually help you with a translator so that you can explain everything in detail, or further discuss the specifics of your project.


Essay Writing Service

Plagiarism check

A general writing services company will deliver the work, and that’s it! However, special companies will offer the plagiarism guarantee. You can rest assured your work is not plagiarized. You will receive a 100% unique, original and professional piece of work. Plagiarism check is generally offered by top rated companies at no extra cost. You should look for writing companies offering this bonus.

Order fulfilled by top 10 writers

Each writing services company hires plenty of writers. There are more experienced and less experienced ones. However when you see a guarantee telling you that your work is fulfilled by one of the Top 10 writers, it means your essay will be created by the best in-house writer they have. You may need to pay extra for this privilege, but you can rest assured your essay is completed by someone with a high academic background, great experience in the field and utmost professionalism.

Work proofread by editor

Generally, writings are proofread and edited by the writers themselves. However, some companies will have all the writing works proofread by a professional editor. Basically, such an editor also proofreads and edits novels for famous writers, dissertation and PhD theses for students, and more. Look for “works proofread by editor” services if you need a very high quality essay, dissertation or any other written assignment. For more information on specialized services offered by writing services companies check out


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