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Some World-Famous Cakes

The age-old Egyptians were considered as the first great bakers around the world along with large-scale bakeries, prepared unleavened cakes and breads. They used hot stones for the purpose of baking. They discovered the utilization procedure of natural or wild yeast for making such flatbreads and cakes rise.

Cakes are round, as they descended from age-old pieces of bread. Dough’s round loaves were placed on hearthstones for baking. However, during the 18th century, the technique of whipping eggs has been discovered for making cakes rise. Cakes are the combination of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar and a fluffy and sweet delicacy. Today, huge varieties of cakes are available throughout the world. Some popular cakes are described below:

Angel Food Cake: It is a flourless and light cake prepared with cream of tartar, sugar, almond or vanilla extract, salt, and a dozen of egg whites, based on the recipe. No leavening is involved with its procedure. A tube pan is generally used for baking the Angel cake. This amazing cake is served with whipped cream and berries or you can also serve it as it is or accompanied by a dessert sauce (chocolate, caramel, fruit, custard, etc.).

Applesauce Cake: This yummy cake is prepared with walnuts, raisins, spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg), and applesauce. Some of the recipes also need baking chocolate. It makes a superb cake while unfrosted or you can also dress it with a brown sugar frosting.

Dora cake: Dora cake is a very popular cake across the world. If you are not familiar with this cake, then you will be glad to know that it is a short form of Doriyaki. It is a sweet pancake sandwich originated from Japan. Its filling is prepared with gooey sweet treats, such as jam or chocolate spread. Kids are also very much fond of this cake. It is very simple-to-make and very healthy as well. You also have many opportunities to sneak in healthy ingredients. It is prominently known as Doraemon’s Dora cake.

Baba or Baba Au Rhum or Rhum Baba: These small cakes are baked in cylindrical mould featuring currants or raisins. Baba Au Rhum is prepared from yeast dough and it is then soaked with sugar syrup. Rum is generally used for flavoring.

Babka: Raisins or some other dried fruit are used in the dough for baking of Babka. It has similarity with the coffee cake that also does not require streusel or glaze. Nowadays, it is also prepared in a loaf shape. Some babkas are prepared in the technique of a marble cake that is swirled with chocolate. It is a variation on the conventional dried fruit.

Bacca Di Montagna Cake: It is an amazing summer cake that means mountain berries or “berries from the mountain”. This white sponge cake is layered with almond pastry cream. Raspberries and blueberries are also used as a cover with a natural jelly glaze. Almond biscotti crumbs play an important role in this cake.

You can learn to make different cakes by following their recipes.

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