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native advertising

Some interesting facts about native advertising

Gone are the days when banner ads used to hold the center stage. The behavior and attitude of customers with respect to their preferences of consuming online content has changed a lot. Banner ads are now seen as serious obstruction to Internet browsing and are on the wane. The small window of banner advertising is now being replaced by native advertising. This new concept moves away from the traditional display ads and focuses on sharing more interesting and elaborate information about products and services by presenting quality content to viewers.

Reason for the shift

What really has prompted this change? Well, it is the change in attitude of viewers who now want to be educated about the products or services in a more elaborate manner. They are not just happy to know about some bare features and cost; they want to know many other aspects that cannot be conveyed through display ads. Instead of gathering information through blog posts and articles, the audience prefers to be informed enough by the advertising content. The information that is supplied is consumed effectively and is reflected in the conversion numbers.


Revealing numbers

That the audience expectation has changed is captured in numbers. In a study conducted to assess audience behavior with respect to online advertising it has been revealed that advertisements that are less intrusive are viewed 53 percent more that the traditional display ads. Brand affinity also gets a boost through native advertising by another 9 percent and follow-through behavior is stretched by 18 percent. Thus, more and more companies are moving to content based advertising by sharing interesting and useful information with the target audience that leads to higher conversions.

Starting a campaign

To start a native ads campaign, you have to go through four simple steps.

  • Identify target market – The target market has to identified and researched in order to ascertain the kind of publications that are read by the target audience and what kind of content are interesting for them. Analyze audience behavior carefully as this will form the basis of developing highly compelling content and identify the outlets that can be used effectively.
  • Evaluate the reach of platform – The content that is developed has to be distributed properly by using the expertise of service providers for content distribution. Research to ascertain the extent of reach of the platform you intend to use for content distribution so that it can reach out to the majority of the target audience. Be watchful about reaching to the target audience only without straying.
  • Interesting content – The content has to be of exceptionally good quality in its ability to attract and engage the audience. The information that is provided has to be useful and interesting without being promotional. It should appeal to the senses more than making an instant impact that does not last long.
  • Page optimization – After having gone through the above steps, turn to page optimization. This is necessary to encourage visitors to take the next step that ensures conversion.

More brand awareness, development of trust and increased conversions are what you get from native advertising.

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