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SAP Certification – The route to success

SAP, the widely used acronym for Systems, Applications and Products is a company in itself offering services in the field of data processing for applications in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Identified as the fourth largest software company on the global platform, SAP provides end to end solutions in the fields of financials, manufacturing, logistics and distribution etc. SAP provides its students with educational programs designed to prepare them for its certification exams, with a number of third party institutions also offering to provide the same.

Undeterred by economic slowdowns which have a devastating effect on employment opportunities, SAP will always be an ever green technology, since it is an investment into the future.

All about SAP certification and its dual levels

Identified as a promising move towards career advancement in the field of software, SAP certification is a lucrative option for business and information technology professionals. SAP training; currently catering to two levels of certification referred to as “Associate” and “Professional”, SAP AG is in the process of introducing the third level identified as “Master level”. It is however not mandatory for a candidate to hold lower-level certifications in order to sit for the next level exams.

Not bound by any prerequisites in the form of educational credentials, certifications are at the discretion of professionals willing to make inroads into the applications and implementations of the wide variety of SAP products.

Real time experience working with SAP products is the forerunner for preparation to obtain a certification, where years of experience into the same domain will prove beneficial. Additionally, since SAP tests on knowledge in specific products, certifications matching these products are widely available.

Associate Level

These are basic exams which focus on the textual content in SAP training manuals, not aimed at the actual product experience.

Professional Level

Being the next level of certification, this exam is designed to test the professional’s expertise in implementing and using SAP products.

Master Level

In addition to passing the exam, candidates proposing to go in for a master-level certification should meet other professional requirements.

SAP Courses

The following courses are designed to provide assistance to professionals having limited knowledge of SAP products.

  • Accounting systems analysis
  • Financial reporting in SAP
  • ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
  • SAP enterprise resource computing
  • Supply chain software

SAP Modules - An overview

Functional Modules and Technical Modules are the two basic types of SAP systems, with each module integrated with other modules to work in unison to create an ERP for an organization.

The following are the widely used SAP modules in organizations.

  • FICO (Financials and Controlling)
  • MM(Materials Management)
  • SD (Sales & Distribution)
  • HR (Human Resources)
  • PP (Production Planning)

Controversies Plaguing SAP

The bone of contention for the importance of SAP certification as against the real time SAP experience is what creates a hue and cry amongst the software fraternity.  The basic intent to start off one’s career as an SAP consultant is indeed a right choice provided the professional works towards his certification, which is driven by cost constraints.

Umpteen Career Opportunities

Career options concerning SAP make it mandatory for an on-the-job real time experience of the modules of SAP, which is sought by professionals opting for SAP certification.

SAP making inroads into a number of businesses provides umpteen opportunities to certified professionals to be associated with multinationals applying and implementing SAP products, across the globe. A job board as part of the company's official site allows employers to connect with certified professionals. The following are the opportunities available for SAP professionals with designations of SAP project manager, Managing consultant, SAP application specialist, SAP consultant and an ABAP developer.

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