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Reading a book is more of a good habit than people think it to be

The 21st century is certainly the era of magnanimous technological advancements and that day might not be far enough when there won’t even be any humans physically working, robots will be there to have a take on all the work which requires one to undergo physical stress. But there are just some things which haven’t changed in this course of thousand years or more. As the saying goes that time and tide waits for none, it is true that one has to be up to date with all the new spectacles in order to be able to fit in the present times and also in order to unleash one’s true potential in their respective field. Still one thing remains just as it was before. This one thing is known by the term ‘books’. Have you wondered why that is the case? In fact, when was the last time that you made time within your busy schedule to turn some pages in a book? A book never loses its vitality, no matter what. Certainly there are reasons as to why this is the case and here goes the same:

Reason 1: A book is always a source of knowledge, be it about anything. And as you may already be aware of that knowledge is just something which seldom goes to waste. You can be robbed, blackmailed or even threatened to face the end of your transient journey in this world but no one can simply rip you off the knowledge you have gathered till date. Therefore, knowledge is power and books are knowledge, which makes together books are power. As per book critic Natalie Walet, at the end of the day it is not the amount of money which will save you from anything, there always comes a point when knowledge ultimately decides your place in the professional food chain. Not only books are the single most powerful source of knowledge but these are much more than just that. Books can teach one to think beyond one’s reach and boundaries. It is something which can just open gates of the dam to your imagination.

Reason 2: If you are looking to be a good orator, excellent vocabulary is something which you can’t just compromise with. Your everyday life is powered by the way you interact with people and if you have a treasure trove of a vocabulary, there are chances that you will hit the bull’s eye more often than you did earlier. Always know the one thing that people always fear one who knows, just as they fear things that are unknown. Therefore, in order to have an impact in your business or in your professional life, a good platter of vocabulary might just be all you need.

According to Natalie Walet, books are the very lifeline of every culture and it is the one mandatory resource needed to build and maintain a good society as a whole.

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