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Panasonic Na-148vg4, The Best Medium Range Laundry Machine Of The Century

With advanced Hydro-active technology, Panasonic has come up with its new front load washing machine with brand name of NA-148VG4. Included with various automatic washing modes exclusive for different laundry users, for instance, if you are running out of time there is an easy and convenient option of 15 minutes washing mode that cleans clothes with reduced time consumption of about 40%. In its exclusive design made of five multiple directional showering jets helping to spread water into laundry basin for washing and rinsing, water consumption has also been reduced greatly.

Positive Attributes Of This Model

This advanced model can be operated easily with exclusive brighter and broader LCD display and wide options for choosing washing types. Child lock option is highly helpful for avoiding disturbance of washing by careless handling by children. With preset timer option, you can also be allowed to set your laundry option 24 hours before through 24 hour delay option.  Along with preset washing modes, there is an option of customized washing mode. This customization mode enables you to set your desired temperature, spin speed and time for washing. The same customized washing mode can be memorized through memory program. Additionally, there are some 16 preset programs available for users to choose the ideal one for their cloth types. For instance, clothes of silk materials can be carefully washed through silk wash mode.

This laundry machine is equipped with inverter based brushless motor that avoids huge noise when laundry drum is vibrating. The noise is less than 70db which is very quiet compared to other laundry machines. Similarly, front door that is double glazed prevents noises made by spinning of clothes along with water that is splashing inside the laundry drum. Huge drum size with capacity of 8kg, this washing machine can be used to wash huge set of clothes. Highly efficient washing experience is promised with maximum spin speed of about 1400 rotations per minute.

Energy consumption of laundry machines can be rated through “Energy Saving Trust Logo”, which certified this model with A+++. This indicates proven energy consumption at its best.  The weight measuring automatic sensors are installed with this machine where it measures weight of clothes put inside laundry drum for washing. If it exceeds more than 8kg (the maximum capacity of machine), then it indicates users instantly to reduce clothes. An aqua stop option is helpful in preventing water leakage or flooding from water supplying tubes.

Negative Attributes

As seen with most popular laundry machines in market, this model also has few negligible negative attributes as side effects. These include the following. When the laundry drum is filled only half, it takes more time for drying clothes and also, it results in poor spinning quality. This is because; the drum experiences extreme resistance due to unequal weight management of half-filled laundry drum.

Who Can Purchase This Model?

If you are looking for middle range laundry machine that does not occupy much space, then it is ideal to consider Panasonic NA-148VG4 as its height, width and depth includes 85 cm, 60cm and 64cm respectively. If you do not like any laundry machines that make huge noise, then this model can be ideal as it is the quietest laundry machine ever made. For few membered families, this model fits perfectly well with all of its conveniences like the quick 15 minutes washing mode. To conclude, if you wish to experience washing in best way with advanced technologies with reduced energy, water and noise then this model made by Panasonic sounds great for consideration.

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