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Online Project Management Software – An Outstanding Way To Manage Your Projects

Online project management software is an outstanding tool to manage all the activities related to a project and enable all the teams to work in a unified manner. This web-based tool is often used by most of the companies in order to ensure that their project in going on a smooth manner and will be completed within the deadline. This open source project management tool is considered as the best for various functions like planning, managing, organizing the resources in order to achieve the specific project objectives and goals. This software has made the task of the project managers to a great extent. The various features which enable the managers to complete their work on time include the following.

Basic features

  • The online project management software manages the resources, accounts and tasks of the project.
  • Can create a reference manual for you.
  • Is compatible with Windows, UNIX, Linux and other OS.
  • Easy to install and use.

Advanced Scheduling

  • The managers can create tasks and dates according to their priorities.
  • The software offers automatic conflict resolution providing a high level of flexibility in the work.
  • The software supports multiple time zones making it easier for the co-coordinators to manage teams working in different countries.


  • The open source project management enables the managers to keep a track of the finances incurred in the project like initial cost and finishing costs.


The use of this project management software allows the managers to create a clear report of the work done and its current status for the desired audience.

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