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Meet The Top Demanding Nephrologist in Arizona and Phoenix

Hemodialysis is basically a complex procedure applied for kidney patients whilst both their kidneys are found non-functional. Needless to say, this is a severe situation and only a life saving support procedure that acts the functions of the kidneys, as its substitute, is the option left. The procedure is risky, painful and considerably complicated. This is the primary reason behind choosing a highly proficient Nephrologist for necessary treatment and wellbeing of your loved one. With over 31 years of exposure in helping patients lead their lives in a normal way, Dr. Manuel Abrante, MD is a paramount choice, when it comes to the question of survival for chronic and acute kidney patients.


Since the procedure is comprehensive and usually done for three times every week, at the beginning, it is recommended that one should choose the nearest treatment point where Dr. Manuel is available. Hopefully, out of the healthcare centers where he offers his services; 11 in Arizona and 8 in Phoenix, patients of nearby areas can find their suitable points in order to avail the great services of this famed physician. Recently, a survey organized by the non-profit society CHECKBOOK in the US, researched over 75,000 physicians, wherein Dr. Manual is recognized as one of the top appreciated and high rated nephrologists in America.  He is majorly affiliated with Southwest Kidney Institute, situated in Mesa, Arizona.

He is approved to offer his care services in Arizona and Phoenix. He is out of the major specialist doctors associated with Banner Bay-wood and Banner Desert Medical Center. His major specialty and practicing areas include Nephrology together with internal medicine and Critical Care Medications. Dr. Manuel Abrante completed his University degree from Anahuac School of Medicine of Mexico. He had undergone his residency curriculum from the well recognized Raritan Bay Medical Center and became Fellow researcher in Nephrology from Albany Medical Center. The Arizonian Nephrologist is awarded with CMS Meaningful-Use Stage-1 Certification.

The patient-loving, experienced and expert Nephrologist Dr. Manuel can offer you great solutions for necessary management of Hypertension, Gout, Hypokalemia, Dysgenesis, Hypo-Renal Syndrome, and Mineral Metabolism apart from balance Disorders of potassium and Vitamin D deficiency. One can get his care services, advisory and treatment for Hepatorenal Syndrome, Hypercalcemia, Hyperkalemia, Hypotension, if occurs other than maternal stage, Chronic Kidney Disease, Renal Artery Arteriosclerotic Disease and Acute Renal Failure.

Typically, during the first visit, Dr. Manuel Abrante reviews all your past medical histories and then goes for compete health check up procedure and verify the major symptoms. He usually asks for undergoing a few lab tests relating to blood and urine protein as well as sonogram and few more to ensure the current condition of patient’s kidneys. In case, these are found completely inactive, he organizes dialysis procedure upon confirmation and approval of patient. He suggests on dietary plan, medications and immunization planning. The Mesa based Nephrologist accepts a number of insurances.

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