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Master the skills to carve a successful career in Pharma Sales

According to a study conducted by the Hay Group on the U.S. population, the career in the pharmaceutical sales has gone up by 300% in the last decade. The demand for medical care has increased considerably across the entire nation, so the medical industry now has profound job opportunities. A medical representative job is one of the integral parts of this industry. The medical representative is responsible for the selling and marketing of the products of the pharmaceutical companies they are associated with. They accentuate their company to the doctors and convince them to prescribe the medicines and drugs developed by the company. The job requires great communication and interpersonal skills as it involves relationship building with the health care providers, chemist’s shop, and medical professionals. They also need to extract information regarding the competitive products and their performance in the market. They offer the drug samples to the physician to create awareness about the newly launched products.

So what are the typical skills an individual should have to nab the medical representative job?

  • Extrovert with good communication skills: Medical Representatives is required to go out and develop good interpersonal relationships with a lot of people. They have to deal with a host of personalities on a daily basis. They need to build a strong professional network and maintain a strong portfolio of clients. There will be times when these professionals will face rejection right on their face as many doctors and medical experts will deny meeting them. A medical representative needs to be patient in such scenarios. They have to put on their best behavior and be persuasive when handling belligerent customers. Also, the people who will spend their time including the doctors will give few minutes to hear them. They have to utilize this few minutes to make an exceptional sales pitch to make business.
  • Immense self-confidence: Since these professionals have to make ample cold calls to various medical units; chemists and doctors, they should possess uncompromising self-confidence. He should be sure that he has the potential of persuading the customers to see through their deal. They should be bold enough to deal with the rejections.
  • Self-reliant and willing to take initiatives: Medical representative’s job is dynamic in nature. They are always on the move. Hence, they spend a considerable amount of time away from home and family. They should be resilient enough to endure this situation. Also, these professionals work alone in the field. They should have the potential and take self-initiative to find new clients and generate adequate sales.
  • Knowledge about the products and attracted to science: A background in Science and related subjects is an added advantage for the medical representatives. Since the products manufactured involved chemicals, they must be aware of the composition and what are the properties of these products. In this way, they will be able to convey the health benefits of the medical and pharmaceutical products they are selling. They should have the knack of research and should keep themselves updated with the latest advancements in the field of medicines. This will help them to deal with their customers better. Hence having a sound knowledge regarding their work is a must.

Thus, after you have acquired all the above-mentioned skills, what will you do to become a successful medical representative?

  • Pursuing your graduation in science, healthcare or pharmacy will give you an edge. There are few job roles in the area of technical and scientific spheres that will demand a formal education. You can obtain the degree through a college or University.
  • Gather experience in sales as a medical representative needs to be proficient in making a business out of the deal. You can work with a pharmaceutical company and can learn through on-the-job training.
  • Participate in the training workshops and seminars. You can get an insight in the about the ways of communication, marketing, and the sales tactics that go behind selling the product.
  • Apply for a certification course online or distance to become an expert, medical representative.
  • Imbibe the techniques and skills through the various texts available online and in the market. This will help you to advance in your career.

The life of a medical representative is not a smooth one as it appears. The task they perform is tedious and might extract all your enthusiasm leaving you demotivated. Keep your focus affixed and stay self-motivated to rise up in this career path.
Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provide a good read. She loves engaging the readers through her words and welcomes feedback of all sorts. Connect to her on Twitter @Agniva_B

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