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Learn to Balance Academics and Sports Like an Expert

In all households, sports should be given utmost importance. Co-curricular activities play a big role in shaping a child’s brain. The hand and eye coordination gets improved by playing outdoor and indoor games. One of these games is tennis. The game of tennis strengthens your body and improves your health. If you do not get the opportunity to play tennis regularly then you can participate in various camps which are organized all over North Carolina. One of the famous personalities who host tennis camps is Mr. Aneesh Kodali. He is extremely passionate about tennis and even teaches small children how to play the game. Learning the basics of any game from an expert is a must and so you can choose Mr. Kodali for the job without having second thoughts.

Studies are no doubt an integral part of a child’s career but side by side sports should also be practised by them. Those who say that it is not possible to manage both together should gather inspiration from a living example – Mr. Aneesh Kodali . Apart from being a great tennis player, he is a very good student. He graduated from the University of North Carolina with Mathematics and economics being the main subjects. He aspires to become an actuary who deals with the management and measurement of uncertainty and risk in business. He has also taken the prelims for actuarial examinations.

Choose the Best Man for the Job

Aneesh Kodali loves to play tennis and he has taken his love for the sport to another level. He does not only limit tennis to himself but also organizes camps for children who want to learn tennis. If your child’s summer vacation is coming up, then waste no more time and register your child’s name for the upcoming camp. Your child will not only play tennis but will also love the game as he will be trained by one of the best trainers. Aneesh Kodali has been playing tennis since a decade and he has also been rewarded with the Annual Spirit award by North Carolina Tennis Association. This award has been presented to him because of his amazing contribution to tennis in North Carolina with his hard work and sheer dedication.

One of the tennis camp organized by Aneesh Kodali was the Kids-for-Kids where over 150 children participated. They were given tennis rackets, balls and free lessons as well. This camp was organized at Wake County in the year 2008 and since then more and more children were sent by their parents to every camp which were organized by them. If you want your child to be a part of these camps and learn essential basics of the game of tennis then all you need to do is contact Aneesh Kodali and he shall let you know about the dates of the upcoming tennis camps. So, why wait? Register your child’s name today.

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