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Jonathan Bunge- Sharing the Joys of Soccer

Soccer is a game that can be played by everyone. It is the game of the working class and all you need is a football and a field to play. No wonder soccer is a popular game among the young and old. Even watching the game is exciting. The thrills and the joys of the match are constant and never boring.

When it comes to football, there are millions of fans across the globe. The game is not confined to one nation. In fact, you will find soccer fans in every country. The language of all the fans is the same-love!

Jonathan Bunge is one such passionate soccer fan who actually is so much in love with the sport that he also spreads its positive life skill messages as well. Jonathan is a busy professional in Cleveland Ohio and always traveling as he is employed in the transport industry and owns trucks and vehicles. He is always on the road and when he comes back home he checks the latest news and updates of his favorite team- Cleveland Browns.

Jonathan has a blog and he loves to write and share articles relating to football and his other areas of interest- tattoos and experiences on the road. He also encourages young children to play football as it teaches them how to remain fit and live life to the fullest!

Football involves a lot of exercise. You have to run around the field and be proactive while chasing the ball. You need to dribble and be fast when it comes tackling the ball with your opponent. Football is a game of endurance and requires a lot of skill. It also makes you independent and proactive. Football is also a game that enhances your focus and concentration ability. It teaches you to be adaptable. There is also unpredictability when it comes to the game of soccer. One goal can change the fate of the match. Goals can also be scored in the last minute and the fate of the game be changed.

Football should be encouraged by parents as well. Children are able to improve their communication and social skills when they play football. They learn the benefits of fitness and staying healthy from a young age. Parents may be scared that football means small accidents and falls. Children are very adaptable and they pick themselves up to bounce back into action. Jonathan Bunge was lucky when his parents introduced him to the thrills of the game. In the beginning his mother was not too keen on letting him play at an early age but after she saw his passion, she relented.

Jonathan still is very much in love with his childhood passion and goes the extra mile to promote it and share his love for it among his readers. He does not get the chance to write or share a post often however when he does he always ensures that he shares valuable posts that are relevant and informative to his readers!

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