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How can a pediatrician help you?

People visit pediatricians not only for treatment of their child, but also for vaccinations and preventive care. Preventive care is extremely important for children since they are the most vulnerable to diseases that manifest during seasonal changes. Environmental pollution is another factor that can wreak havoc with a child’s health. Some children are susceptible to dust, mite, cotton, smoke, and pollen allergies. Some children do suffer from such allergies frequently. Their parents are at their wits end to understand the problem. Only a pediatrician can gauge the problem and recommend proper preventive care.

Environmental pollution

Mumbai is a highly polluted metropolitan city in India. The high degree of pollution makes the children there susceptible to various kinds of diseases such as breathing problem, asthma, skin eruptions etc. Pediatricians in Mumbai are therefore concerned about the effect of environmental pollution on children’s health. They often prescribe nebulizers for children suffering from breathing trouble. They also recommend parents to make sure that their children are wearing breathing masks before going out to play.

Sticking to the same pediatrician from infancy

The key to your child’s preventive and palliative health care is to visit a good pediatrician and sticking to the same doctor till adolescence of the child. If you stick to the same doctor from infancy of your children then it will be easy for the doctor to treat him. This is because the doctor becomes aware of the unique attributes of the child’s emotional framework and physical capabilities or problems. So, the best way is to stick to the same doctor since infancy of your child. Since most of the pediatricians in Mumbai also vaccinate children against various diseases, the vaccination calendar will also be up-to-date if you visit the same doctor. This is very important since vaccinations should be administered in appropriate time.

List of pediatrician doctors in Mumbai

There are many pediatricians in Mumbai, but the best of them are mostly available in the hospitals meant for children. To get a list of pediatrician doctors in Mumbaiyou can visit the websites of various hospitals meant for children in Mumbai. Another good way of finding good pediatricians is though reference. You can ask your colleagues, friends, acquaintances and relatives about pediatricians they are visiting for their children. You must remember that swanky offices and chambers are not the hallmark of good doctors. The best pediatricians are those who can diagnose the problem just by physically examining the child and asking few questions to its parents. They are also sympathetic and great communicators with children.

What is their need for a pediatrician?

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that family doctors are also beneficial for your child. They look after the health of the whole family and this includes the kids along with the adults. It all boils down to your personal choice on whether you want a general doctor or a pediatrician. Some of the reasons which may tilt the balance towards them are as follows

  • They are more trained in dealing with the problems of children. They have a degree to certify their claims
  • They only deal with children; hence they have a lot of idea about the illness which go on to concern the kids
  • They are able to provide specialized care.

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