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gold patina

Gold Patina

When you hear the word ‘patina’ what comes to your mind? The word itself ends with the vowel ‘A’ and in most cultures names that end with ‘A’s are usually associated with feminism. It is probably because of this that gold has been associated with this word, to offset the masculinity of the word GOLD. Whatever the name for the precious metal is, the beauty of gold has undoubtedly mesmerized men for eons and it is no wonder that the among the metals on the planet, gold is considered to be the most valuable of them all and that is the main reason why its relationship with humans goes back to almost 5000 years.

Gold Patina


The myriad of reasons that gold is employed include, from being a trade factor to being an asset security; it has been an element that has been with humankind ever since the advent of the Iron Age. Gold is the most easiest to manage metal, gold was converted into coins to be able to exchange it for goods. What is more is that gold became tangible money. Tangible money means actual cash money, money that has kept its intrinsic value since it was ‘designated’ as a trade tool.  Gold for goods or gold for other precious metals was a sort of barter trade that was applied as a ‘go between’ all over the planet.

In Australia companies such as Brisbane Gold Traders that do business all over Australia are an example of other precious metals refiners who got into the precious metal trade. Being in the industry for over two family generations This Company has been at the top of the other precious metals and gold industries in Australia. The prices they offer for precious metals or gold are based on spot prices. Other services afforded by our company of gold buyers and gold refiners include buying scrap metal that contains other these valuable metals or old and broken jewellery that still has a minute quantity of other precious metals in them. Our company also offers to refine the gold or other precious metals (extracting metals such as gold, these are metals from the mixed original state that they come in). Until this day gold is still the form of tangible assets that people convert money to secure their assets during unstable political or economic instability. More than once gold has been the sole factor in barren land turning into huge cities. For ages, gold was riding shotgun to other precious metals as a means of money exchange. Money for gold after the invention of paper money was the most viable terms of trade. Gold buyers and other precious metals traders started to work together and became one; eventually these traders became smiths of a guild. Gold smiths not only traded or did commerce with other precious metals dealers who were caught up in the trade of precious metals they were also charged producing different variations of gold (alloying). Over time, gold smiths also became dealers who were not only involved in making jewellery, but they were also involved in mining activities. The industry has grown to become one of the most complex commerce mechanism of the global economy, so much so, economies have arrived at a point where there is more gold on paper than there actually is.

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