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Games to Play at Your Christmas Party

Are you hosting a Christmas Party this year? There are plenty of fun things that your Christmas party guests can do for entertainment at the party. Having games to play will help to break the ice and get everyone laughing and having fun together. You can also give away prizes for the winners of the games, so that your guests go home with something special to remember the great time they had at your party at one of the great Christmas party venues in Cheshire.

Here are some great Christmas games that you can host at your next party:

Santa’s Hat

Start this game as the guests enter the party. As each person arrives, hand them a Santa hat and tell them to keep it on until they see you take yours off. Later in the party when everyone is mingling and engaging in conversation and has started to forget about the game, you can quietly remove your hat and wait to see who catches on. The last person to notice and remove their hat is the loser and can be the one to start the next round.

Mystery Stocking

This is a great game to play with the kids at a holiday party. Start by filling a Christmas stocking with a collection of mystery items and let each child feel the stocking and try to guess what is inside. They can touch it, shake it and smell it but they are not allowed to peek. If the child guesses correctly what item is in the stocking, they get to keep it. You could put a wide range of things in the stocking, including a toy car, crayons, sidewalk chalk, small stuffed animals or a pack of cards.

Do You See What I See?

Have two kids sit back to back and give one child a holiday object, such as an ornament or a candle. Give the other child a piece of paper and something to draw with. The child with the object cannot say what it is called, but he or she must describe the object so that their partner can draw it. The quality of the final photo depends on how well it is described. This can be a very funny game, especially when the drawing turns out to look nothing like the object itself.

The Living Christmas Tree

Using crepe paper, ornaments, tinsel and much more, you can decorate people as trees. Split the group into teams and the team that makes the best tree wins. This game can be a lot of fun and it will make for great photos of the decorated people.

The Ornament Guess

Decorate your Christmas tree with a specific amount of colourful ornaments and have guests make a guess as to exactly how many ornaments there are. They can write down their guess and put it into a bowl and at the end of the party the first correct guess that you choose will win. If no one gets it exactly, the closest guess wins.

Christmas Present Hot Potato

Wrap up a Christmas present in dozens of layers of paper, as many as you can. Then, have the group sit in a circle. The first person starts to unwrap the present one layer at a time, as the person next to them tries to roll a certain number on the dice. When the number is rolled, they must pass the present along. The person who has the present when the final layer of wrapping is taken off gets to keep the present.

Limbo with a Santa Belly

This can be a hilarious game. It starts with everyone wearing a Santa belly and trying to do a limbo. You can make the Santa belly with a pillow and a large belt with a shirt overtop. It’s hilarious and goofy and it’s quite a challenge to fit the belly under the limbo stick. You can give away candy canes or other Christmas treats as prizes for the lowest limbo.

These are just a few of the fun games that you can play at your Christmas party. Whether you are hosting a large party at hotels in Chester or having a small event in your home, you can set up these easy and fun games. So why not organise some fun games and events to keep your guests laughing and having fun at your Christmas party?

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