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Fratelle: Melbourne’s number one hair care and make up Salon

The beauty industry is a buzz. There are many salons in the market all offering hair care and make-up services. To rise to the occasion and be recognized therefore means hard work, impeccable customer care skills, amazing ingenuity in design and creativity and consistency at the aforementioned characteristics. Well, as elusive as this seems to be, the great news is that Fratelle achieved this glory. This of course was destined to come along the way owing to the amazing services offered by Fratelle hair and make-up professionals. Customers are charmed by the genuine warmth and friendliness of the staff and the cadre of hair dos and decorations they receive is simply super creative.

Why Fratelle

Clients are comfortable coming back repeatedly because of the specialized treatment offered in a beautifully designed environment that offers comfort and style. Fratelle chain of Salons is the place a stylish sophisticated lady of the twenty first century would like to have her hair done. It offers a sense of pride and elation that only come with status. And it amazingly suits the conservative personalities. With thirty years of existence in the industry, Fratelle has mastered the art of handling clients and offering a tailored service for every individual, an art that you do not learn in the school.

number one hair care

The many years of existence also bring the creative gab. This means, creative boundaries are transcended by unmentionable miles. The Make-ups and hair styling ways are open to imagination and innovation that knows no bounds. For this reason, those in the quest for hairstyles and make-ups for special occasions receive head turning designs. With Fratelle, you will walk into that occasion more confident more elegant and truly charming. This is because Fratelle believes everyone is special and offers beauty for all.


Therefore, the many awards that Fratelle has received over the years are merely crowning the great services that are offered. Over seventy awards have gone towards recognizing the excellence of the salon, the commitment to customer service and the dedication to remain the market leader in terms of offering beauty for all women in Melbourne. This recognition includes that of L’Oreal cosmetics group, the number one beauty company in the world. Fratell growing considerably and is opening shops across the Stylish city in Australia; One in South Yarra, another in Camberwell and Mount Weverly among others.

Suffice it to say that fratelle has earned its place among global leaders in hair care and make up. I has over the years maintained its award winning status and position as the favorite of the opulent and the stylish of Melbourne. This is bound to be the case for the unforeseeable future owing to the fact that the creativity innovation and passion for service that its professional have will keep rolling out the tricks up the sleeves. And so the story of success of this talent enterprise will live on to give women and men the satisfaction of stepping out of the house in full confidence, joy and elegance.

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