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Flawless Spray Tan For A Glistening Goddess


Today there are many different methods of tanning. One can choose from natural sun, UV beds, self tanners, and spray tans.

Spray tans offer the most natural and overall best result, but be careful not all spray tans are created equal. Best results are achieved when performed by a skilled technician using a good quality solution.

If you are in NYC and looking for the absolute best airbrush tan, visit Gotham Glow. There, a qualified technician will help you decide the perfect shade for your skin tone, type of occasion, and time of year.

You can leave with just a healthy glow, a perfectly sun-kissed look, or a deeper darker tan for that just back from the tropics look.

You can find a wide variety of spray tans including carotene based spray, tyrosine-based spray and DHA based spray. The latter is most commonly used in New York. We assure you that it is absolutely safe for your skin as it is not a paint, dye or a stain. Besides, it is formally approved by the FDA for use in the cosmetic industry. Moreover, it does not require any UV rays so this form of tanning is the safest bet for your skin, preventing it from any damage that might cause skin pigmentation. However, it is still important to wear your sunscreen at all times!

Your mind must still be wondering about one question: how tanned will you actually be after spray tanning? This really depends on your choice. But note that each one has a different skin tone and type, and will most definitely react differently to spray tans. Some people have a complexion that makes them look naturally darker after the session while others less so. However, it is easy to strike a balance once you have it done a couple of times. You can always ask the pros at the salon. In fact, if you do have a chance to visit the Gotham Glow Salon in New York City, you will be treated to a consultation with one of their spray tan technicians who will help you to decide as to which color you are seeking to achieve and which color will exactly suit you, considering your natural skin color – ranging from a healthy glow to light, medium or dark tone. For instance, if a pale or ivory complexioned person hopes to be really dark skinned, then it will not be recommended; however, they leave no stone unturned in transforming you into a glistening goddess with only a slight but gorgeous medium tan. Therefore, the spray tan is customized to suit your exact preferences to get that oh-so-perfect golden brown rather than the uh-oh orange. Gotham Glow also provides a signature tan, namely, Gotham Glow that is reserved for weddings and other special occasions. Micro Glow and Marco Glow cater to medium and dark tones respectively.

Many people wonder as to how long the spray tan would last. Again, this depends on your skin type and tone. Generally speaking, after just one session, a spray tan can last up to 5 to 7 days. Some times more, some times less. They key is to how well you maintain your tan. However, the more spray tanning sessions you undergo, the longer your tan tends to last as your skin can adapt and retain its stunning hue, even extending for up to two weeks or so.

Tanning maintenance is easy. Be sure to avoid any contact with water, skin on skin contact, and sweating during the first 8 hours after your appointment. This is the time it takes the solution to process into the tan. Following your first rinse, be sure to moisturize diligently with an oil-free moisturizer, avoid heavy sweating, and skip hot tubs and steam saunas. Therefore, avoid showering, exercising, swimming and the likes right after your tanning session for effective results.

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