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Five Things To Keep In Mind Before Meeting Your Hairstylist

Hair is an essential and most gracious aspects of someone’s personality. We all love to try out new styles and experiment with our hair. However, our expectations from our hairstylist are way too high. Expectations are influenced by the ‘popular culture’ or by our immediate surrounding. Hollywood and our singing sensations are our ideals when it comes to styling.This way of relating to popular culture can not be very helpful. Individuals are different if any particular style or technique of hairstyle suits on other it is very rare that the same will happen with another person.To know better yourself and peculiarities of your physical and mental out being you ought to take advice. Here we would bring out some of the misconceptions regarding hair care. This is important for you as a customer because you need to understand what is your hair type and how the hairstylist can play with it that you can not.

Is It Magic? No, Its science: -  If your hairstylist make you wonder after treatment and creates an impulse about your personality how do they do it? It's not magic it is pure science. The product one may use to go through the same process as it is followed in a salon will give a different result. This is because the product they use is much costlier than what you use at home.

Coloring vs. Lightning: - In a salon when you ask for a different shade of the same color which your hair naturally possess it means coloring. But when you ask for some other shade of color other than what your hair possess it requires to go through the process of lightening. While former is more about filling up the color molecules in the hair shaft, the latter is about removing the melanin.

Don’t assume that they know it all: - Going to a hairstylist and asking for the best is not the right way. You should assume that visiting a hair stylist is equivalent to visiting a doctor. Like you inform your doctor about your medical history make sure that you have provided the history of experiments and treatments your hair have gone through.

Pay attention: - Most of you would go to a salon and ask for the treatment, and then you engage with your gadgets. Engaging with your gadgets distract the attention of your hair stylist as they are humans of this advanced world. Make sure that you don’t mess with the patience of your hair stylist by engaging yourself with gadgets and paying no attention to the process. Also often it happens that many clients cancel their appointment at last moment. This cost a sufficient share of livelihood for a hairstylist to be lost. Make sure whenever you make any such adjustment with your hairstylist you are open to different options and flexible.

Ask and feel free to convey your unhappiness: - It is very important for a hairstylist to keep their customers satisfied. In any case if you are not satisfied with the style your hair stylist has given feel free to ask for a change. Its important that you convey this to your hairstylist and not to your neighbors or friends. For a hairstylist, his reputation among customers means a lot. So even if you have minor problems with your current hairstyle talk to your hairstylist freely.

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