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Everything you Need to Know about a Car Supermarket

A car supermarket is quite a recent phenomenon that has revolutionized the entire procedure used by the British public in the sphere of buying cars. Car supermarkets are basically large and independent dealerships offering a broad selection of vehicles. The selection gets refreshed constantly and it consists of both used and new cars available at the most affordable prices around.

The Benefits

Because of the combination of low margins and high sales volumes, car supermarkets characteristically sell similar vehicles thousands of pounds more economical in comparison to the small independent retailers and the franchised dealerships. These supermarkets also provide an assortment of choices over the retailers and the franchised dealerships. Apart from this, since all the cars are available on one single website, the customers get the flexibility of browsing through an extensive collection of some of the most well-known car brands like Ford and Vauxhall. This makes it easy for the customers to compare the prices and the make and model of different cars. Another great benefit that comes for the customers is that these markets have nothing to do with the car manufacturers. Therefore, they provide the advantage of impartial and independent advice complemented by an assortment of services and products like part exchange, finance options and low deposits.

Are there any Compromises on Quality?

There are no compromises made with the quality of the cars available at a car supermarket. All the nearly-new, new and used cars available at these supermarkets undergo strict pre-delivery inspection prior sale. In case the car requires exhausts, new tires, MOT, pads, clutch etc, or if there are other items that are wearing out, they are replaced.

Do these Markets Provide Part-Exchanges?

There are some markets that do not provide part-exchanges while there are some where you can get a completely transparent policy of part-exchange. The part-exchange prices offered by most supermarkets are generally lower in comparison to the prices available at retailers and dealerships.

Are the Cars Available with Warranty?

Yes, the cars available at a supermarket always come with warranty. There is a manufacturer’s warranty that can be availed by almost every car that is purchased at the supermarket. However, if you are buying a nearly new car, you will simply be getting the balance of the left over warranty. There are some car supermarkets that also provide extended warranties of more than three years along with comprehensive service plans which are aimed towards offering complete peace of mind for the owner. There are even car supermarkets that offer MOTs and servicing as well. These are markets where customer care is given great importance. The premises of these supermarkets generally house a multi-franchise and fully-operational MOT and service centre that helps in the maintenance of customer retention.

When are the Car Supermarkets Open?

These supermarkets generally remain open throughout the week. People willing to buy a car from a car supermarket do not need to book appointments for viewing the vehicles. Interested buyers can simply visit these markets and test-drive a car of their choice.

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