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Dr. Kamal Patel Makes Proficient Use Of Various Radiation Therapy For Leukemia Treatment

Dr. Kamal Patel is an extremely proficient hematologist and oncologist. He gained a bachelor’s degree in the Biology field from the University of Iowa. In the year 2002, he earned his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School and acquired a Master’s Degree in Physiology.  He accomplished his internship at Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

He served at Portland’s Oregon Health & Science University Hospitals as the head of radiation oncology in residency. It is here that he got recognition for his passion for taking care of the patients. He secured the Rose Award. Currently, he is serving cancer patients at the Cancer Treatment Center in America (CTCA).

Dr. Kamal Patel has particularly gained a lot of knowledge in Brachy-therapy, which is a treatment used for patients suffering from prostate cancer. He got his prostate cancer treatment skills sharpened from the Seattle Prostate Institute. He has attained Board Certification in Radiology Oncology. Additionally, he is regarded as one of the best Health Grade qualified doctors. He is also familiar with the development taking place in the medical research and always keeps himself well updated.

At CTCA, the radiation therapy is offered to patients as part of their treatment procedure. High energy X-rays are used to destroy the cells of leukemia, preventing them from spreading and relieving from its symptoms. Dr. Kamal decides the dose of radiation therapy, after specific diagnosis of the kind of leukemia and their symptoms.

For External Beam Radio Therapy (EBRT), the accurate radiation angle and dosage are determined by Dr. Patel, who uses various imaging tools. A special X-ray machine (a linear accelerator) directs high-energy emissions from outside your body aiming at the targeted cancerous tissues inside the body.  It is an option for CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) and helps to decrease the swelling in your liver, spleen and lymph nodes.

At CTCA, Dr. Kamal Patel provides TBI (Total Body Irradiation), an advance radiotherapy that destroys leukemia cells anywhere in your body. TBI is the process used for patients that will undergo stem cell transplantation and chemotherapy.

TMI or Total Marrow Irradiation is often used for patients, who have to endure stem cell transplantation. Radiation is focused on the main marrow spots, where cancer cells are present. The radiation dosage is targeted to the bone structure, which helps to enhance the recovery period and reduces the risk of radiation coverage to healthy organs. Using radiotherapy before stem cell transplant helps the body to make space for new and healthy marrow cells and prevents your body from eliminating the contributed stem cells.

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