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Difference Between The Manufacturer Certified And Dealer Certified Pre Owned Cars

If you are looking to buy second hand cars then one major question that arises is whether to go for certified pre-owned cars or the non-certified used cars. Usually, non-certified cars are cheaper than the certified ones but then there are major benefits that only certified ones provide.

Know the difference

A certified used car ensures that the vehicle has been approved by the manufacturer after going through every fine detail, inspection of every part and after that it has got the stamp of approval. This is the biggest assurance for which the potential buyer agrees to pay even higher price. Certified pre-owned Toyota cars come with warranty and various other benefits that are offered by the manufacturer. You will be surprised to know that these factory specialist mechanics have as lengthy as 150 points checklist for the used cars. Certificate is issued for the particular car only after they pass on all these parameters.

Pre Owned Cars

For this reason manufacturer certified cars are priced higher compared to the non- certified ones. After the popularity of such cars, the price has been on surge with manufacturers quoting somewhere between 2%-8% higher than the non-certified cars. These cars are sometimes so high in price that they match their ex –showroom price in the year when purchased.

Edge over the dealer certified cars

For this reason, people who are not looking to burn a hole in their pockets would be inclined to buy non-certified cars. These cars are not approved by the manufacturer. You will have to take this car first and get it checked by your local mechanic. If you want to pay less price then these cars are highly negotiable on the price front which is not possible with the certified pre owned cars. It can be a risky affair because lack of proper tips could sometimes lead you in buying a disappointment.

You can go for the factory certified cars which means that the car has been inspected on every aspect and the repairs that were needed in the vehicle have been done. Also, the factory would give you the warranty on the car. Compared to the dealer authorised cars, factory authorised cars offer you the warranty. Factory mechanics make sure that every part that fails to meet the standard is replaced. For instance, the mechanic will see that if the brakes in the car have already consumed 60% of their life, then they will be replaced. Therefore, manufacturer and factory certified cars score a tad above dealers.

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