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Designing Destiny – How Jacob & Co Made It to the Top

Destiny does have a strong role to play in everyone’s life. But the question is how far it is feasible to leave everything in destiny’s hands? Wise and talented men never leave everything on destiny’s hand and that is what Jacob, the jeweler proves to us. His creativity saw no barrier and has flown all over the world. Starting from Europe to North America, Asia to South America, Jacob Arabo is a known name to all.

This jewelry designer took right decision at the right time and thus success came to him in due course of time. Designing was there in his blood and so very quickly he understood that institutional education is not what he was looking for. So, after coming from Uzbekistan, his native place, he gave over education and took jewelry designing course. Yakub soon became Jacob and could easily inculcate American culture and lifestyle within him. This made his life easier and helped him grow at a very fast pace. At the age of 16 only, he could have the courage and efficiency to start with a kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District. He was only 21 when he started with his company naming Jacob & Co.


It is a known fact that when someone takes his hobby as profession, he/she delivers the best. This is what has happened when Jacob Arabo took up jewelry designing. His creativity reached its best possible height and the outcome that world saw was something remarkable. His designs, cut and quality not only grabbed the eyes of common man but also the who’s who of the society. And, soon Jacob & Co. opened its stores in Europe, South Africa, Tokyo, America & UAE. Now, Jacob Arabo did not limit himself to designing jewelries only. In 2002, he came up with his first line of watches ‘Five time Zones’. The specialty of his series was that the watched had all the five time zones.

Apart from his unique cut and design, Jacob’s jewelries are known for its quality too. Each gem stones used in an item are certified and have the certificate from the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The authenticity of the precious stone are determined through the certificate of Gemological Institute of America. His eye for quality has made his products unique in every possible way and has become a status symbol for everyone. As a standalone entrepreneur, he brought his line naming Diamond Quasar which stole the heart of all.

Jacob, the jeweler showed us how passion could take someone to the top of the world. His long lists of clientele and class-apart designs prove how a self-made man can really bring out his true potential and rule the world. The decision of moving to New York by his parents proved to be a boon for him and he could make it real big. Utilizing the best possible resources around him, Jacob Arabo has shown how one can attain his dream goal through sheer talent and hard work.

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