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Converting DVD to MP4 is now too simple

The growth of MP4

DVD is something that almost all is acquainted with. It has been quite significant due to its importance for viewing movies. However with time, other formats like MP4 also evolved that brings in better video quality. The major problem that DVD formatted files share is that they cannot be viewed in mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. These advanced devices largely support the latest MP4 format. Thus, when one has a DVD formatted movie and he or she wants to view it in their mobile devices, it becomes really important to convert the DVD file into an MP4 one.

Get your DVD files converted to MP4

For letting you know how to convert any DVD file to an MP4, here is a brief yet comprehensive step-by-step list that will be helpful for you to understand the entire process. The link also would be helpful for making you understand this process in detail.

1. The first step requires you to download as well as to install the Movavi Video Converter. Once the download is completed, make sure to open the file with .exe that will let you follow the installation process.

2. The next step requires you to launch and open the software, following which you need to add the required file. For this, you need to click on the Add DVD option. When chosen simply click the Open option.

3. Go to the Convert To field where you will see one small arrow. Just click on it that will open an entire list of the readymade presets that would go for different devices with different formats. The More presets for formats option has the MP4 group. You need select the right resolution that will suit your given device.

4. Next, you need to click the Browse button, which is located near the Destination field. This will let you save the file where you want to save.

5. Finally click the Convert button that will execute the conversion process.

After the conversion is done you can transfer the file from your computer to your mobile device. After that, you enjoy your movies or TV serials as much as you want. Within just a few clicks, you can easily gain priceless entertainment.

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