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Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Videos with the Movavi Power Point to Video Converter

For most people nowadays, it is common enough to create some truly inspiring presentations using PowerPoint. Unfortunately, PowerPoint presentations do have one big downside: In order to view them you need to have a device that has PowerPoint installed. While that may be fine in an office setting, what if you want to show it to someone over dinner, or send it via Whatsapp, or share it on YouTube?

As you can see, in all these situations having your presentation as a video would definitely be a big help. And thanks to the Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter, it isn’t that hard to convert your presentation to a video so that you can have a wider array of options when it comes to sharing and distributing it – including over social media, mobile platforms, and so on.

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How to Convert PowerPoint to Video


The main advantage of using Movavi PowerPoint to Video converter is it simplifies the conversion process tremendously by emphasizing an intuitive user experience while not compromising on its features. In fact, converting your presentation into a video will take just four simple steps:

  1. Add the presentation to the Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter
  2. Tweak the settings accordingly by selecting the resolution of the video you want to create as well as the speed of the slide transitions
  3. Specify if you’d like to add an audio track or capture audio from a specific source
  4. Choose the final format of the video that you’d like to create with the help of numerous presets for different devices

It really is that easy and once you’ve completed these four steps you’ll have successfully converted your presentation into a video and you can then upload it to YouTube or Facebook, share it on Whatsapp, or even just save it on a USB.

Assuming you want to use the native PowerPoint presentation slide transition speed and don’t want to add an audio track then you can skip those parts and convert it that much faster too.

Honestly if you just try it out for five minutes, you’ll see that all the features are so intuitive that you’ll easily be able to figure out exactly what you need to do. Considering how easy it is to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a video, is there really any reason why you wouldn’t want to do so? After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry and wouldn’t you rather have your presentation in video format and not need it, than need it in video format and not have it?

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