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ring for your wedding day

Choose the right ring for your wedding day

You certainly wish to make your wedding day auspicious? Are you in search of a perfect ring for your wedding day? Well, then titanium wedding rings are the perfect choice for you to celebrate your wedding in a more lavish and unique manner. Titanium’s unique properties make it an excellent choice for the people who want to gift those rings to their beloved ones on their special day. Although titanium wedding rings are different than gold or platinum, nowadays they are highly in demand especially among the young generation. These are the perfect thing to accessorize your attire and also helps adding a perfect and stylish look on your special day.

What type of titanium is best for titanium wedding rings?


Titanium is of different types and looks. Everybody wants to gift the best titanium wedding ring to their beloved one; therefore it is better to choose the preeminent one among the various types. These rings offer comfort fit and hypoallergenic and are safe for the people who suffer from nickel allergy. Commercially Pure Grade Titanium or CP is the best suited for wedding rings. These types are extremely strong and scratch resistant; therefore you can use it throughout your life without any damage. In times of emergency, it can also be removed with regular cutting tools. Cp may also be resized and engraved either with traditional engraving tools or with laser engraving methods.

Reason behind choosing titanium wedding rings:

These have the durability and strength to stand for lifelong. As the rings are hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion and tarnish, they even stay strong when exposed to salt water. Your beloved can use the ring without any fear of damage. While other metals, when exposed to heat, can become hot, titanium wedding rings are the poor conductor of heat and electricity, thus they do not become hot. Light in weight, these rings are available in a wide range of prices, ranging from affordable prices to high-end designer price tags. Crafted with low environmental impact metal, titanium rings are best suited to seal your marriage vows with a style.

Can titanium wedding rings be engraved?

You may want to engrave a special message on the inside of the titanium wedding ring before gifting it to your loved one. In that way, the ring become truly yours along with the special feelings you have for your special one on your special day. In order to get your titanium wedding rings engraved, you have to place your order along with the special message. One thing should be noted, if you choose to have your titanium wedding ring engraved, then the guarantee for that ring will be canceled. It is simple because the ring with your personal message will restrict it from being resold if it was returned against the guarantee period. Therefore do check all the details of size, color and shape before getting your titanium wedding ring engraved for your special day.

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