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Cell Phone Tracking Gets Revamped With XNSPY

Let’s talk about this new kid on the block, XNSPY. It’s a parental monitoring mobile application through which parents can watch over their kid’s activates. The websites they visit, the apps they download, the calls and messages they send, that kind of stuff. And it works quietly in the background, too. What impressed me more is the advanced cell phone tracking feature. It is a lot more evolved than the ones I’ve used before, so that’s what I’ll review today.

Mobile Tracking at a Glimpse

Mobile tracking with XNSPY is a lot more evolved than the average GPS tracker. Here’s what you can do with XNSPY

  • Track your child’s current location
  • Get their location history
  • Get their travel routes
  • Acquire timestamps of when each location was visited
  • Put suspicious/dangerous locations on the Watchlist
  • Get notified when your child enters a Watchlist location

So there is a lot more this mobile monitoring app is letting you do. Usually, a GPS tracker has to be detached from the target user. And then you probably only get location history at the most. XNSPY is only a one-time installation. After that, you can do all the monitoring from the online control panel.

The XNSPY Control Panel

Speaking of which. I really like how they’ve done their control panel. The overall layout is sharp and minimalistic, so it’s pretty user-friendly for the average parent that may not be perfectly acquainted with technology. There’s a sidebar that consist of tabs. Each tab is a monitoring feature. You can switch between all the different tabs, so this is parenting while multitasking at its finest.

The Location tab has all the tracking features. You can find the complete list of visited locations along with their timestamp here. Putting a location on the Watchlist is as easy as pressing a button. I think parents are going to like this part because the app is essentially doing everything for them.

XNSPY, the Tracking Solution

I think that as far as parental monitoring apps go, XNSPY has taken cell phone tracking to a whole new level. The idea to add a ‘Watchlist’ for locations is inspired. What parent wouldn’t want that? I’d say, if you’re looking to track your children for their safety, go for XNSPY without another thought. It’s the monitoring app you’re looking for.

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