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Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez are back together

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez are kicking off the year 2015 as a happy couple. This couple, will engage to the magazine news.

It is said by the multiple sources that the former couple stepped in Las Vegas together this New Year. The American Idol arbitrator was in the Sun City for “The Best Is Yet To Come” as a New Year concert extraordinary at Caesars Palace. 45 years old singer has been dating her 27 years old choreographer for nearly three years before declaring it as quits in 2014 June. While dishonest claim on Casper’s part were alleged to play a small part in the break –up, both maintained gracious post-split and were cracked together many times after partying their ways. Initially, driving around Los Angeles in August and again in the month of October, when they were found having a great time at the Dinner table at La Conversation in West Hollywood, Calif.

In the year 2013, Jennifer opened up to ET about her happiness with her then beau, saying that, “It is a sweet relationship and very kind, healthy and very supportive.” Later in November, the pop star shared her views about love to ET once more while promoting “True Love” book. Well, a relationship needs to be supportive to uplift you and make you feel better and confident and they need to be adding to the relationships which are already inside you as per her thoughts.

While Jennifer is still apparently navigating the romance waters, she has a healthy potential on how to make any of the relation work in a good way. Jennifer Lopez added that, it is important to love yourself first and it is the key to life and if you don’t love yourself, then really nothing is going to be right, thereafter.

This romantic reunion gives Jennifer Lopez a reason to be happy and healthy in life which is better than being apart. We recommend this site to keep track of developments.

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