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Buy Transitions Lenses to Get Your Ticket to Play Transitions Sweepstakes Online

Transitions Optical is a very popular eyeglass company that has been manufacturing the best plastic photochromic lenses for eyeglass wearer since 1991. The US based company has expanded its network to 15 countries now. If you happen to buy Transitions eyeglasses, you will be given a Transitions Certificate of Authenticity card along with your receipt. This card is very useful as this is your ticket to take part in the Transitions COA promotion of the company called the Transitions Certificate of Authenticity sweepstakes. You get a chance to win instant or the grand prize by taking part in the sweepstakes online play.

What is The COA Promotion?

You will be given a Transtions Certificate of Authenticity card with every purchase of Transitions lenses. This card will be holding a 14 digit number/letter in it. You can use this number on the Transitions COA promotion website and get a chance to win $500 as an instant prize or win a grand prize. There are about 240 instant prizes that can be won and the grand prize is a dream vacation for the winner worth $10000. Moreover, you will also be eligible for free eyeglasses for your entire lifetime.


The process to take part in the Transitions COPA sweepstakes is very simple. Visit the transitions coa website and on the home page you will come across two boxes on the page. In the first box, you need to enter the 14 digit letter/number code given in your Certificate of Authenticity card. Next, you need to opt for the country that you are residing in. Only the US and Canadian citizens will be allowed to take part in the sweepstakes game. Once done, click on register now option to enter the competition. You will also have to enter the online entry form on the website to reveal the status of the instant win game.

Playing Without Purchase 

You can also take part in the COA sweepstakes play if you do not make any purchases at Transitions. You will need to send all your personal information along with an email address, phone number and date of birth to the Transitions office to be enrolled in the contest. The promotional administrator will be playing the game on your behalf and you will be instantly notified if you win the instant prize. A maximum of 5 entries for an email address or person only will be allowed during the COA promotion.

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