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Business:Importance of Outdoor Signage

Signage is the design or signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group for the purpose of marketing. A signage means signs collectively considered as a group. Signs are visual graphics which are created to present information to specific audience. The signage is in form of wayfinding information in places such as streets or inside and outside of building. The variation in signage may be based on location and intent and can be in the form of banners, billboards, small street signs and lawn signs or digital or electronic display.

In ancient century, the Egyptians and romans use sign. The romans use signs made from stone or terracotta and Greeks are known to use signs also. There were certain signs in ancient world which became associated with trades. Similarly, the sun or moon was the symbol of  pagans and cross is the sign or symbol for Christianity.

In 1389, King Richard II of England  forces landlords to use erect signs outside their house. The legislation states "Whosoever shall brew ale in the town with intention of selling it must hang out a sign, otherwise he shall forfeit his ale. Later, the coats of arms or badges are common for noble families.

The signs communicate, to convey information so receiver can take decisions based on the information provided. The classification of signs is based on information, direction, identification, safety and regulatory.

Signage is important to make your brand as well as your business successful. Every successful business knows the way to deliver a value and it adds value to the brand.

The business totally relies on advertisement to bring new customer. Signage and advertisement attract a local customer. So quality advertisement is done at initial stage. Logo is very important. The logo should convey the brand, company philosophy, business ethics to others. The visual looks and color schemes are also important as well as advertisement expresses goods and services, to make brand more memorable.

Outdoor signage is important for business of all sizes. The outdoor sign shows your business’s name and makes impression on new and potential customer. The poor designed signage is as noticeable as the good one.

Banners conveys message for convenience and portability. They should be inexpensive, flexible, versatile, eye popping, and can be seen from distance away.

There are certain materials which are used for making signs so that it can be visibly seen. The materials commonly used for making sign making shops are acrylic, aluminum composite panel, high density polyethylene, high density polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate, polypropylene, styrene, corflute, modular curved frame technology.

There are certain processes used for sign making such as CNC Routing, Laser Cutting, Abrasive blasting, Printmaking, Screen printing, or sign painting, Channel lettering, Vacuum forming.

The shape of a sign conveys the message. Some common signage shape conventions are rectangular signs to portray general information, circular signs to display mandatory or prohibitive, triangular signs to convey danger or caution.

Pictographs are images which conveys the message of a sign. Pictographs follow specific sets of color, shape and sizing rules depending upon the country in which the signage is being displayed.

The pictograph is successful if it is recognizable across cultures and languages even there is no text present. As the standard color and shape conventions increases, the pictograph will be widely understood. So, the shape of sign and pictograph shall be carefully considered as per business point of view.

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