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Best 5 hotels in India: Stay and relaxed

Traveling in India is not just for the broke backpacker. The India that once catered to the thriftytourist is no longer known for the poverty and dissention that once plagued the nation. The India of today is known as an elite travel destination known for the luxury hotels that cater to travelers from all walks of life. The onset of travelers from all over the world has put India in the forefront of a highly desired destination. Luckily with the explosion of luxury hotels throughout India, Oyo Rooms hotel coupons can make any of these luxury hotels a reasonable getaway for you. From a castle in the Himalayas, to the infinity pools of Mumbai, here are the 5 best hotels to stay, relax, and enjoy in India.

1) Wild flower Hall

The magnificent view seen through the windows of Wildflower Hall capture the essence of being fully immersed in solitude with nature. From the epic breathtaking views of the Himalayas to the tranquility of the spa, this hotel merges nature with nurture as you recharge your batteries in the essence of India’s beauty. This fairytale-like hotel is a one of a kind luxury resort that allows you to reconnect with nature through a multitude of romantic and epic experiences, as well as experience the supreme spa amenities within the serene confines of the epic wilderness.

2) Umaid Bhawan Palace

There are no other words to describe this lavish resort other than extravagant. The vibrant colors and opulent ambiance make you feel like you are staying with royalty. The Umaid Bhawam Palace is an award winning and budget-friendly hotel that has an exquisite restaurant and bar as well as an intricately designed swimming pool to help you relax and rejuvenate your senses.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

3) The Oberoi, Mumbai

This top-rated and award-winning hotel is a combination of Indian tradition on the outside, with a modern twist on the inside. Embedded on a peninsula, this Oberoi gives unparalleled views of the ocean, while offering an amazing menu of amenities to travelers from all over the world.

The Oberoi, Mumbai

4) Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Taj hotels are peppered throughout India, but this particular hotel in Udaipur is a palace that dates back to the 18th The ornate and absolutely stunning details that encompass this traditional hotel, it is also and affordable and friendly place for you and your family.

Taj hotels

5) Orange County Luxury Resorts, Coorg

This resort is unlike any other in India. The marriage of location and luxury come together so well in this particular area that focuses on tribal life as well as wild life, folded into one luxurious resort. This splendid resort has taken a social stance on “responsible tourism” where it enhances environmental well-being, as well as economic and social welfare of the surrounding area.

Orange County Luxury Resorts

The resort is located among acres of plantations where coffee and spices are harvested. The resort also offers relaxing and traditional Ayurvedic spa as well as exclusive private pools for you and your family.

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