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Aubrey Chernick Founder Of Candle

We have come across more on businesses and business personalities over their success stories and other things that these great successful entrepreneurs are involved in. Aubrey Chernick is a special case and has been spend quite a wide area of his career in charity too. He has been the founder of candle being his first company in the 1976, though there were so many hard times that he had to go through in his past years. He had to shift places with his family and had to shift his educational environment too. Still being a good student he continued to learn and ended up with a degree in chemistry. He was into analysis of samples that were found in the red river. Being a chemistry student and this background had taken him to be a chemistry guy but soon he was given another opportunity to analyse over the computers which was connected to these labs. When computer was introduced to him, he started finding his interests growing tremendously for computers and that is how he started working over a project in information technology.

Later his interest in computer and the project he started off with this interest ended up to be the candle corporation that was said to be one of the most well known firms in the information technology industry. It was his first company and he took it up as his baby and his business requirements were not limited to profit earning but it was extended to give also. There was also a charity fund raised and a foundation called candle foundation was established that incurred help of the employees and was extended to those who were in need of help.

Candle Corporation Of Audrey

The company was mainly into software management for IBM operating systems. Omegamon was his first product that was introduced in his company and this product was used to monitor mvs and its internal operations. It was not too long for him to become the software CEO of the year which was awarded to him by one of the most recognised technical council. The work that was displayed over from his company was amazing and he was worth the award. Apart from his academic excellence in his field, he also did enough of charity and helped people who are in need of a helping hand. This part of Audrey was supported by his wife Joyce. Both together worked in a wide range to help the youngsters too that comes from financially dull back ground. They gave these youngsters training in the software field and gave them enough opportunity in the information technology world. He was able to take up IBM as their customer too.

The quality of the product and services that they provided was amazing and was considered to be world class. The class in work was the speciality of Candle Corporation and was in great acceptance before it could actually establish more of such products. Audrey was a great businessman and he established his business so well in the land and was gained recognition in a very small period of time which is amazing.

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