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Are You A New Pipe Smoker? Here’s Advice You Need!

Smoking a pipe is a hobby with lots of Americans. There is something about a man smoking a pipe; over the years Hollywood fed us the quintessential picture of a ‘’manly’’ man with a pipe on his lips enjoying his leisure. The truth however is that, there is an art to it. If you are thinking of trying your hands with smoking a pipe, then getting started with the advice below is a good idea.

Buying the right kind of pipe tobacco

The first thing you should do is find the right blend of pipe tobacco. This is extremely important. Stories have been heard about men who had to throw away their pipes because they started out with an exceptionally bad variety of pipe tobacco. You don’t want to do that! That is the reason why buying your pipe tobacco from a trusted supplier is a good idea. This way, you can only choose from blends which are of high-quality. Whether you choose to buy your pipe tobacco from an online or physical store, make sure you choose the right supplier. It will be good news to you that there is a lot of variety available; from Turkish to Cavendish and mellow to regular.


How to smoke your pipe

Smoking a pipe is all about taking the time to enjoy your leisure. Dedicating at least 20 minutes to the activity will work wonders for your tiredness and stress. It is sometimes okay to enjoy a little free time and when you have a pipe that is filled with your favorite blend of pipe tobacco, letting the world go by is a great idea.

  • Filling the bowl: The first thing you should do is fill the small bowl of the pipe with tobacco. This is actually something that is a little difficult to master perfectly, but take time to do it because it is going to affect your smoke time. You need to fill the bowl lightly and then use a tamper to press it down. Put another layer and then press it down firmly. With practice, you will certainly perfect this step in some time.
  • A test draw: Now to see if you have filled properly, take a test draw. If you find that the air is moving freely through the tobacco, then you are good. If that is not the case, try again.
  • Light up: Buying a pipe lighter is a good idea, but if you don’t have one at hand, wooden matches are the second best thing. The pipe tobacco needs to be evenly lit and it may take a couple of matches to get it done.
  • Puff easy: It is important that you take this activity with leisure in mind. Also, it is important to remember that pipe tobacco is a bit stronger in flavor and character and not inhaling the smoke is a better way to enjoy it more.

Master the art of smoking a pipe and enjoy your evenings a lot more.

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