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Architectural Lighting For Pools

For years, those in pursuit of pool perfection have overlooked one important aspect during the design phase, and that’s the lighting. If you are planning to build a pool that’s both eye catching and all round attractive, you need to think about how to bring it to life in style, which is why you need to be sure to include the right architectural lighting in the design. When it comes to pools, lighting does far more than act as a source of light. It adds ambience and shows off the pool by illuminating its best features. Add some lighting to your pool and you have created a space that can be enjoyed 24/7.

Here’s a rundown of the two main kinds of pool lighting you can opt for when you’re giving your pool the wow factor.

In-pool lighting

For years people have installed lights into the walls of their pools. As all round crowd pleasers, in-pool lighting doesn’t just serve as a pretty face, in fact, it serves a number of purposes.

Firstly and most importantly, it lights up the water. Not only does this make it possible to take a dip at night, but the lights will give the pool a positive glow, making it more inviting than ever. The fact that only the water is being lit up means that the light given off isn’t so bright that it disturbs anyone else, so if you’re not too concerned with the electric bill, these lights can be left on all night long happily. The other function of this kind of lighting is to provide a decorative effect. The glow of in-pool lighting significantly enhances the pool’s architectural appearance and landscaping. Finally, installing and using this kind of lighting also improves safety around the pool as there is less risk of a happy pool-party-goer stumbling into the water if these lights are kept on.

Fiber optics

Fiber optic lights that can be used in a pool area have recently become available and are growing in popularity by the day. Whilst this kind of bespoke lighting fulfills a mainly decorative function, they can also enhance protection.

Fitted along the edge of the pool, these lights look truly beautiful and ensure that everyone is aware that the water is there, even on the darkest of nights. One of the greatest things about fiber optic lighting is that it comes in a seriously diverse range of colors, capable of producing the most stunning effects. Flexible and versatile, fibre optic lighting is sure to bring a positive glow to the pool and smiles to the faces of those who use it.

Whichever form of lighting you choose, be sure to have it installed and maintained by an architectural lighting expert. Ideally look for an expert who has previous experience and up to date knowledge of the latest happenings in the field of specialist lighting.

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