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Anavar for Women: Everything You Need to Know

More and more Women use Anavar to burn fat/ look toned and look the right way to Anavar (oxandrolone). These days, women want to look thin, there is not ... now we live in the age when women want an athletic body.

Similarly, female bodybuilders who are preparing for the show will probably use the vinegar to get their edges torn before they even appear on stage.

Here are four reasons why women care:

  • You burn fat
  • You get strength and muscle power
  • It will not make you look like a man
  • Adverse reactions are mild

Burn Fat

Anavar burns fat on 2 main roads. It has an anti-glucocorticoid and insulin-regulating action.

With anti-glucocorticoids, this means a significant reduction in cortisol levels. You probably already know cortisol, but for those who do not ... Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, and one of its roles in the body is to stop growing.

So if the level of cortisol is high - you will add fat in places where you really struggle to lose it. For men, it is generally at the bottom of the stomach; For women, it's usually around the hips/legs / booms.

On the back, if the level of cortisol drops considerably, you can expect better fat burning ... and that's what it does.

Insulin is another hormone in the body and like cortisol can cause an accumulation of fat in the body. Anavar regulates insulin levels so that they do not exceed a certain level; speed up the loss of body fat.

Strengthens muscle

Anavas is ironically one of the best steroids to increase strength, even if it is a means of cutting. It also has the ability to add muscle mass. This muscle building effect in men is mild, but Women use Anavar to burn fat.

Though it is not enough for you to be like you. You will always look beautiful and feminine.

The reason for this strength and muscle growth is that Anavar increases dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male androgen. When this hormone increases in women, it results in a strong increase in strength.

It will not make you look like a man

The scientific explanation is that - the Anavar is not a very strong androgenic steroid.

This essentially means that when a woman has an anatomy, she does not develop masculinity, for example, more body hair, deep voice and enlarged clit (yuck!).

Unlike other steroids, women can take care of them without worrying about waking up as a husband for 2 weeks in their cycle.

Side effects are mild

The main side effects of Anavar are:

  • Decreased libido (testosterone)
  • Stress on the liver

The first side effect - reducing libido is a complaint usually made by men when they are testosterone levels, which allows for a juicy fasting cycle. However, women are unlikely to have this problem because they initially have only a fraction of male testosterone.

Plus there are usually sexual maniacs!

The second side effect is that oral Anavar can negatively affect the liver. This is not a serious problem because the liver can recover and heal after a cycle. But if you like a bottle of red wine every night, it is definitely worth thinking about when you take Anavar.

If you drink a lot of alcohol while taking Anavar, it is likely that your liver will be reinstated as this can lead to infernal violence before you succeed. However, it is best not to take such chances and make sure your body is as healthy as possible.

There are also natural liver supplements you can take, such as the milk tower that some people choose depending on the cycle to ensure maximum protection. In general, Anavar does not charge the liver more than other steroids; because it is a sweet combination.

If you do not know if your liver is healthy, it is best to have a health check before deciding to take steroids to determine if there are problems that may worsen,

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