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An Brief Insight into the Service of William Lauder towards Estee Lauder Companies

Estee Lauder companies which is the American manufacturer and marketer of high-end skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. William Lauder being the grandson of Estee Lauder has been always actively engaged with the firm; In fact, he joined Estee Lauder in 1986 as the Marketing Director of Clinique.  Currently, he is the Executive Chairman of the Estee Lauder Companies.

The legacy of Lauder continued from the Joseph Lauder, spouse of Estee Lauder and the founder of Estee Lauder companies. Initially the firm used to deal in four products – super-rich all purpose cream, cream pack, cleansing oil, and skin lotion, but later it extended its area and in the current scenario is holding the market in 150 countries and territories. Genuinely it has been feasible through the hard work and sagacious approach towards the work that William Lauder of Estee Lauder Companies has put in.

After its inception and over the years, the firm expanded the range and continued to sell their products in the United States. As the company began its first international account in the London department store, the sight of optimism became trustworthy. Estee Lauder's Clinique brand became the prime women's cosmetic company to introduce a second line for men as in 1976 they initiated a separate line called Skin Supplies for Men, which continues to be sold at Clinique counters worldwide.

The firm hired spokes model as Shaun Casesy, Bruce Boxleitner, Willow Bay, Elizabetg Hurley, Paulina Porizkova, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But gradually as the firm observed boost it hired super models like Liu Wen from China, Joan Smalls, and French model Constance Jablonski. This also helped Estee Lauder Companies to gain the international acclaim more strongly. The company also launched AERIN Beauty, a luxury lifestyle beauty and Aerin Lauder, fragrance brand inspired by the signature style of its founder in 2012.

Besides this, it also acquired two insider beauty brands, RODIN olio lusso, a skin care brand renowned for its Luxury Face Oil, and Le Labo, a fragrance and sensory lifestyle brand with an emphasis on craftsmanship in 2014. This clearly elucidates the story of the firm right from the ground to the sky scrapping heights. Not only that, he has assisted the firm to acquire fragrance brand dedicated to the art of perfumery – the Editions de Parfums and a Hollywood skin care brand that delivers camera-ready results – the Glamglow.

William Lauder of Estee Lauder have worked hard in maintaining the repute of the firm. The beauty products of the firm have got the appreciation in the main stream market. These pander to the essences of the masses and deliver the best in terms of the productivity – the company had recorded the sales of more than $10.9 billion in 2014. Serving more than 150 territories is not that easy as it is read. It genuinely requires the commitment towards for providing the exceptional and fulfilling every single essence of the masses. In brief, it will be hard to pass the blind eye over the accomplishments of the firm since its inception.

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